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Everything you need to know about your favorite and delectable Indian cuisines



Indian food is one of the delicious, richest, and toothsome for everyone. There are numerous cuisines available at Indian restaurant that customers get confused about which to order and which they should not. We don’t want you to get confused. So we have come with top Indian cuisines that you can order.


  • Samosa

Samosa is fried or baked in a pan full of oil. Usually, you will see samosas in a triangular shape. It is made with fresh mashed potato mix with peas, coriander, and spices. If you want to eat light snacks, then samosa is a great choice. To increase the taste you can have samosa with green and red sauce.


  • Naan

If you are visiting an Indian restaurant, then do not forget to have various types of naan. You can order any naan depending upon your liking. It is made with different fresh ingredients. In fact, you can try this naan with different types of sauces and a cup of tea will enhance the taste of the naan. You can get different types of naan such as plain, lacha, paneer, and more.


  • Chicken Curry

Curry is made with different types of spices. Talking about chicken curry, it is made by adding spices, chicken, and more to the pan. Chicken curry is a must-try Indian food if you are non-vegetarian. But always remember, curries are spicy. So if you have the tolerance level, then you can eat otherwise tell the waiter to add less spice to the cuisine.


  • Tandoori Chicken

Any Indian cuisine that can be cooked in an oven will be known as tandoor cuisine. Talking about tandoori chicken, it is made with various spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, and more. If you cannot eat spicy cuisines, then don’t worry. You can eat tandoori chicken with ease.


  • Dal

We are sure you are not going to get disappointed after eating dal. At Indian restaurants, you will get various dal served with roti, naan, and more. There are different types of dal you can order like dal makhani.


  • Raita

Indian dishes are incomplete without having Raita. In fact, if you visit India, then you will hardly see any house that will not serve you raita. Raita is made with different vegetables and spices.


  • Rabri

Rabri is a dessert that you can get from an Indian restaurant. It is made with milk and to increase the taste of the dessert they add cardamom, almonds, and more. After eating food, dessert is a must. In fact, not only rabri, you can order numerous types of dessert from Indian restaurants.


Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are the cuisines that you should try at Indian restaurants. No matter if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will get delicious food depending upon your preferences. We understand that you are unable to visit India due to the current situation. So it is better to visit an Indian restaurant near you to get the best Indian dishes at affordable prices.

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