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Is technology good or bad for learning?

About technology and its implications


A comprehensive range of skills, processes, techniques, and methods utilized in the production of services, goods and the achievement of the set goals and objectives is known as technology. Technology demonstrates the knowledge of processes, techniques and the compilation of machines for allowing the operations. The discovery of various forms of technology has been a blessing for almost all the fields in existence. The implementation of technology has been the greatest invention of all times, which are the reasons that companies are experiencing the compulsion of adapting to changing technological factors.

 The benefits or positive implications of technology can be witnessed with the integration of human learning with the device functioning. Technology enables organizations to facilitate stimulating real-time records for customized instruction and mastery-based progression.  The most significant impact of technology can be witnessed in the educational field. Technology helps in stimulating numerous opportunities for educational institutes. Although, technology helps in responding to significant utilities it can also be the reason for the disruption of privacy and security of individuals or entities.


Instill engagement- 

Technology integrated with learning can be a valuable combination, especially for students and teachers. The integration of this combination in schools and colleges helps in stimulating the focused engagement of students. Technology helps in engaging employees by transforming the learning program into enjoyable courses that do not only seem monotonous. Gamification can be one of the instances of technology-learning integration. Virtual classes have become one of the greatest practices of encouraging the disruption of traditional learning. Maintaining the attention of a child can be very challenging for a teacher or institute. Technology helps in incorporating stimulation for the employees with the help of engaging content and innovative device functionalities. Teachers implement technological programs for maintaining the overall engagement of the students. 

Technology helps in improving knowledge retention

Technology helps in improving the practice of knowledge retention amongst the students. The implication of audio-visual learning aids is being accepted by modern education. The utilization of blackboards was replaced by the digital whiteboards by integrating the feature of audio-visual content for attracting the attention of the students. In an experiment, the ratio of different categories of learners was recognized such as the student group, which learns through the help of audio and visual methods whereas the learners who are dedicated to learning from traditional methods. Around 65 percent of people or students were witnessed to be fond of learning through visual aids and around 30 percent of learners are accustomed to being learning with auditory methods.

Technology for flexibility in teaching

Technology is not just designing engaging content but it also focuses on the purpose of generating adaptive learning programs. Before the introduction of technological features, the aspect of flexibility in the teaching process was almost impossible. Technology can accommodate a limitless rate of knowledge and accompanying the feature of the Internet of Things, which is a platform of unlimited information and resources.

Technology motivates collaboration and individual learning

The learning style varies from person to person. Every people has different styles of learning. Learning style varies because of the difference in the abilities. Technology makes learning easy by providing a number of opportunities to these people with different learning requirements. The students get the opportunity to learn at their desirable speed, stay ahead, go through various concepts and information that are complex and difficult or they can even skip the same if they want so. Internet access provides the students with access to a large range of resources that helps them in research analysis and knowledge gaining in different ways. 

This increases student engagement. Most of the students now prefer the online medium of studying rather than old books. The online medium provides interactive audios and videos that help the students in better clarification and better learning. The learning ability gets better when students get involved in different online activities. There are different skill-testing sites where one can understand their skills development.

Technology also helps in collaboration between different people from different people. People can share their ideas, views, and thoughts on different aspects of this online medium. Problem-solving skills, critical thinking, motivational and leadership skills, and communication relating to an increase in efficiency and productivity are discussed in online forums and a virtual learning environment. People from anywhere around the world can collaborate and communicate with each other with the help of technology.

Technology helps in acquiring useful skills


The recent era has progressed a lot with technology and to stay ahead of one another and remain competitive, the progress in technology must be properly utilized. By implementing technology in classrooms it is now possible for the teachers and the students to undergo more creative and interactive learning sessions. Students can easily capture the skills required for their success in the future.

The recent developments in technology, as well as education, are all about collaboration, coordination, and integration. People must possess critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills to survive the competitive market. Technology helps to acquire these skills at ease. With the help of various real-life videos, access to an infinite number of case studies and research paper students are no more limited to a partial situation. Instead, they can now make them ready for any kind of situation that can pop up in their way ahead. The most important thing is that technology also helps in acquiring many practical skills as well. People can learn about creating interactive presentations, business emails and can learn about maintaining proper online as well as offline etiquettes. 

Technology in the educational field is good for the environment

If one can think from a different perspective, technology helps the students learn through online papers, e-learning portals and so on. They can also test their skills through these portals without needing to write in pen and paper. Thus if every school decides to implement technology in the field of education, a number of papers and plants can be saved. Any teacher can now take the test through online platforms and can ask their students to submit their papers and homework through emails.

Distance learning is easier now

Without technology, it would not have been possible for the people to access any information at ease. But technology has made it possible for the people to access any information from any place thereby making distance learning much easier than before. Virtual sessions have replaced traditional lectures. Students can organize their time as per their will as they can access this information at any time.

In spite of a number of advantages, there are however some disadvantages of using technology in the field of education.  

Technology can be distracting for the students

The online learning forums sometimes offer interactive games for learning. The students mostly get addicted to these games instead of learning activities. These games offer different rewards for learning. Students are more interested in getting those rewards than the actual takeaway of the lesson. Correct answers are an indication of knowledge but retaining information is also crucial. Students usually don’t retain much information as they focus more on the rewards. It is easier to cheat with the help of technology. 

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