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How to Take Care of Your Natural Carpets?


The natural carpets are the ones that are made of natural fibers. The natural fibers are the ones that are obtained from nature. Some examples of natural fibers are hemp, jute, seagrass, sisal, wool, and more. The synthetic carpets are just made to imitate the natural carpets. The natural carpets add a feeling of warmth and luxury to the place. The natural carpets aren’t that costly, they can be purchased at affordable prices. The natural carpets are a perfect choice for environment lovers. Also, they do not affect the environment as they can be recycled.

The natural carpets need careful cleaning but the ways are quite simple. Out of the natural carpets, the wool ones are preferred the most as wool is available in abundance as compared to other fibers. Also, the awareness about the wool fiber is more and people do not know about other fibers. This makes the wool carpets in more demand. The other natural fiber carpets are still gaining their fan base in the market. 

While cleaning the carpets, the regularity of cleaning depends on the type of carpet. One can either shake the carpet to remove the dust from it or one can light vacuum it. One should always make sure that ends are not vacuumed as the latex might come out and this can affect the condition of the carpet. Some natural carpets can absorb water so one should avoid using water to clean them as it might leave a stain on the carpet. In case anything is spilled on the carpet, it should be treated at the same time. If one leaves it for some time then it might leave a stain on the carpet. One should try to blot the moisture out of the carpet by using clean towels. The stain can be removed by using a carpet cleaner as well. 

One should be a bit careful with the natural carpets as they hold moisture easily. This is the reason that they take more time to get dry. Leaving the carpet wet for more time can make it shrink or turn yellow. If one is using a ‘wet’ cleaning method then one should make sure to dry it as soon as possible so that the volume of the carpet is restored in time. There are different methods to clean the carpets but one should try to select the one that does not use strong chemicals, dyes, bleach, or anything that can affect the carpet.

The products chosen for cleaning the carpet should be of the alkaline level of PH 7 or less. One should select a product that can do the cleaning effectively so that one needs not to give carpet to the carpet cleaning shop. Every natural carpet has specific cleaning techniques so one should follow that wisely. Using an inappropriate cleaning method can damage the carpet. If one is not sure about the method then one can consult the cleaning agent as it is better than damaging the carpet. The regular maintenance of the carpet will increase its life and will make it look like new for a long time.

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