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Make the best costume for your wavy and colorful inflatable arm man for the upcoming festive season

Make the best costume for your inflatable arm man for the upcoming festive season


Costume Wacky, pretty, perky, loveable, unmissably adorable, and little irritating at times, everyone remembers the inflatable tube folks in a party or fiesta. You see that man at colorful store openings and car or bike dealerships. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make that quirky costume. The fun costume makes everybody laugh/smile and you can just DIY.

  • Regarding the materials, you need a set a round pop-up/pure laundry hampers, white and black felts, Elmer’s Glue, hot glue gun, scissors, zip ties, sewing supplies, and bright fabric. You can your old or unused bedding sheets as well.
  • The second step is to form the body. Cut a hamper from its bottom and cut every handle. You zip ties for attaching both the hampers.
  • To determine the arm holes’ location, just slip inside the hamper shell and get someone to mark the location. You can then cut out large holes for your shoulders.
  • The third step is to add some skin. Apart from stitching together the fabric, you can also use a Velcro.
  • People prefer the former since it looks the best. Regardless of your method, just ensure that the arm sleeves are twice the size of your arm to get that long, wavy, flailing visage.

Another thing to watch out for is that the fit of the fabric will be such that it’s not snug inside the hamper tube. You need to leave a little room for it to wiggle.

Note the specifications for costume

Most of the popular inflatable arm man costumers start from $30. The red ones generally cost around $34. There are reputable firms that provide a detailed size guide and proper information on delivery and returns.

If you buy five or more costumes, they even give a 10% discount. Do note that the products include only an adult inflatable costume. It requires dedicated 4*AA batteries. Most kits don’t include batteries and the costumes are one-size-fits-all category. To ensure proper care, wipe them with damp cloth/towel.

Another DIY method with costume

You can start by making a face template. Cut out patterns for the mouth and eyes. Make the eyes with fabric and glue them onto the tube. Cut out the mouth and cover it with mesh.

  • Next, lay out or mark the face. Keep the tube in a straight, standing position. Make a mark exactly on the location of your face. You need to locate the mouth pattern/design where the face is. You will see from this area.
  • Cutting out the mouth is your mouth. You need to be careful here as you’re using nylon. It has a knack of latching on to the surface and ripping apart if you’re hard with your push. Be patient while doing cutting nylon.
  • Step 4 is making the eyes. A pair of white ovals and a pair of black circles will do. Use a hot glue gun for fusing them. Scrap fabric can be a good option. Put some nylon for the eyelids.

The fifth step is about attaching the mouth and eyes. Use your glue gun to make the right placements.

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