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Essential Variants of the portable ramps

One of the main concerns is the ramps that can be tackled by the disabled


One of the main concerns is the ramps that can be tackled by the disabled without any external help, or without having to resort to a companion. The slope allowed, in such cases, is reduced to 8%. This value, in fact, would allow disabled people without a companion to tackle a platform in complete autonomy and safety, without getting too tired.

These are ramps used to overcome very important differences in height for which it is not possible to install a small disabled ramp: this case includes, for example, masonry ramps. But what happens if the slope of these ramps were to exceed 8%? In this case it is possible to make the ramp longer and install a landing halfway through which helps to deal more easily with such a long platform for the disabled.

In both situations, the portable ramps are perfectly compliant. Laws change often and that is why, for more information, we always recommend checking the regulations in force.

Slides for the disabled: what cannot be missing?

In a platform for the disabled, other extremely important elements cannot be missing to guarantee the safety of all those who travel along this ramp.

Platforms for the Disabled want to include:

Flooring: the accessible surface of the ramp for the disabled must always is non-slip to prevent users from slipping and falling, even hurting themselves. The ramps for the disabled are used a lot when it rains outside and their surface may become slippery and very dangerous for anyone who ventures here so that having a platform for anti-slip disabilities is essential;

Anti-skid edges: for greater safety, portable disabled ramps should be equipped with anti-skid edges, i.e. side edges that prevent the wheelchair from venturing into the void and off the platform itself. These are simple installations that ensure great safety;

Lightness and Resistance

Manufacturers thus has steel products supporting access for wheelchairs (foldable ramp, threshold ramps); the loading ramp (motorcycle, scooter, motorized chairs, etc.); of modular gateways; of support bars; accessories. Manufacturers also provides advice and support: it provides you with its know-how in terms of ERP accessibility in order to put in place the products and materials most suited to the situation of your business or home and facilitate access for disabled people.

Access Ramps, A Plus and Valuable Help for the Disabled

Each of us does not always know the difficulties encountered by the disabled population when it comes to moving to any unsuitable place. We have all been approached, one day or another, by one of these people in demand and we have realized how complicated life is, not to say complex for this already so affected population that requires our full attention. It must be said that the person with reduced mobility expects to find, during his travels, facilities which will make his life easier and annihilate any problems that might arise in direct connection with his infirmity. It is true that the freedom of those who have difficulty moving also involves the satisfaction of being able to go from one point to another, without having to ask others for any assistance.

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