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9 Latest Packaging Design Trends to Look for in 2021


Product packaging design refers to the process of planning and creating packaging for products. Brand design teams generally spend a reasonable amount of time developing creative packaging designs. This is because product packaging has several objectives. Apart from protecting the product from damage, it attracts the potential customer’s attention and provides specific information to the consumer.

Today, it is not only brands that appreciate the value of packaging. Packaging design has received attention from the customers as well as the media.

Packaging Trends for 2021

The year 2020 has brought in massive changes. To cope with the pandemic and stay relevant to the customers, companies have changed their brand messaging, core values, and positioning. Even the role of e-commerce has increased significantly. The experience of walking through a store and picking a product right from the shelf based on its visual appeal is lost. This curated brand ambience cannot be replaced by even the most immersive website. Consequently, packaging design companies in India need to step up their efforts and deliver a piece of branding right to the customer’s door.

While the in-store experience remains, it is vital to meet the consumers where they are now. This results in a more immersive brand experience and demands for creative product and food packaging design trends in 2021.

1. Vintage-inspired packaging

Packaging designs with a vintage touch have been trending for a while now. They give users the experience of travelling through time. In 2021 as well, you will see packaging that gives an old-school look. Products will come in packaging that is just like what your great-grandmother used, taking you to a different moment in time.

Adopting this style of packaging design, brands will go beyond logos and labels. They will make use of vintage-inspired materials, bottle shapes, textures, imagery, and outer packaging choices.

2. Fun-size patterns packaging

Illustrations and patterns are much more than just decorations. They share what a product is all about. In the year to come, you will see product packaging with a lot of tiny illustrations and intricate patterns. When you hold the product, you’ll get a hint of what is inside. The illustrations are abstract or simplified.

The purpose of such creative packaging designs is to present the product artistically instead of displaying the actual product.

3. Fine art packaging

Have you ever seen product packaging that is itself a piece of art? This trend is gaining popularity among high-end products and mid-range products. With inspiration from paint textures and paintings, designers are either making art the focal point or integrating them playfully.

The objective of this type of packaging is to eliminate the difference between fine art and packaging design. The resulting design makes even a wine bottle appear stunning and unique, so much so, that you might want to use it as a decorative piece instead of recycling it.

4. Hyper-simplistic geometry

In 2021, packaging design companies in India are likely to use very simplistic and bold geometric concepts. With a combination of sharp angles, interactive colours, and neat lines, this packaging design trend will give an edge to the product.

Similar to the design of the tiny illustrations, this design will give consumers an insight into what the product stands for. The designs may appear simple at first but help the brand create a significant impact and a lasting impression in the minds of the customer.

5. Story-driven packaging

Storytelling is an important aspect of effective branding. And now is the time to move beyond mascots and incorporate storytelling in packaging. These characters will appear in scenes, living their own fleshed-out stories. A customer will almost enjoy the experience of a graphic novel.

Story-driven packaging helps a consumer understand the brand’s story without going through their website or watching their ads. With the product’s packaging, you will have the main character, and the brand’s story delivered to your doorstep.

6. Solid colour all-over

Products packaged in single colours is also a trend you’ll see in 2021. Although the colour choices are limited, the packaging design is no less than the others shared in this list. It has the potential to add character to the product. Moreover, the highlight of this packaging design trend is that it allows the copy and the colour (mostly unconventional) to create the hype.

Bright and bold colours are common in these packaging designs. They are loud and appear in-your-face with their bold characteristics. Sometimes, designers choose an unusual shade to incite a mood and direct the attention of the buyer to the copy.

7. Interactive smart packaging

Some brands have made packaging even more fun with unique QR codes and interactive AR features. Consequently, the user’s experience is becoming enriching. As part of such smart retail packaging, the user scans a code on the product using a custom app. Next, the brand’s story begins to unfold through artful animations. The experience is truly captivating, beautiful, and highly informative.

8. Product names packaging

Another interesting packaging design trend that you’ll see in 2021 is the use of the product’s name as the star of the design. Here, the logo or illustration isn’t the focal point. The product name takes the center stage and is presented as an artwork itself. It gives the packaging design a distinctive personality.

This type of packaging clearly indicates the name of the product and its kind, making it a suitable choice for businesses that aim to focus on the product. With a reliance on strong typography, these designs carry the brand’s aesthetic and aim to increase brand awareness.

9. Picture-perfect symmetry

Although some packaging designers use imperfect shapes, others prefer the exact opposite. They create designs in perfect symmetry. When the elements of food packaging design are in symmetry, they appeal to the customer’s sense of order and send out a sense of grounding.

This trend doesn’t only include tight, intricate designs. It also includes some loose and more disconnected patterns. The main characteristic of this design trend is a visually satisfying sense of perfection.

Ready for the packaging design trends of 2021?

Brands planning to launch a new product in 2021 should pack it in one or more of these popular and latest trends. Moreover, if you are looking at redesigning a product’s current look, you can plan it around these trends. Buyers tend to get attracted to great packaging design. Even before they open the product and start using it, their level of excitement increases. So, don’t miss the opportunity to bowl them over with interesting and unique packaging designs.

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