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AWS Awarded PROTECTED Certification in Australia


In January 2019, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was awarded PROTECTED certification by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) for 42 of the former’s cloud services. Protected-level certification is the highest possible level certification made available by the Australian Federal Government for data security. It means that AWS will be hosting Australian Government data up to the highest possible classification level after assuring the Australian Government that it would comply with all the necessary security requirements. 

The ACSC, along with Amazon Web Services, worked together to develop a solution where AWS would comply with all the security regulations of the Australian Government while still offering a variety of different services so that the Government can run highly sensitive workloads. All these certified AWS services are available within the already existing AWS Asia-Pacific (Sydney) Regions and include services such as:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) 
  • AWS Lambda, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) 
  • Amazon Guard Duty. 

These services are all on the ACSC’s Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL). It is excellent for AWS developers in Australia. Until now, they’ve had to assess and self-certify as PROTECTED under the Australian Digital Transformation Agency’s Secure Cloud Strategy to build applications. However, after AWS’s services were included in the CCSL, this step is not required. They can quickly build AWS applications that comply with the Federal Government’s security regulations for highly sensitive workloads. It comes after the AWS’s certification level upgraded to Protected-level certification. 

If you are not familiar with Amazon Web Services, here is an overview of both the service and the AWS certifications.                      

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs) on-demand to governments, companies, and individuals. Out of all the cloud service providers, AWS offers the most protected services, including compute, storage, network, database, security, analytics, application integration, management, and governance. In today’s day, the IT sector has a massive demand for adept at AWS, and there are different levels of AWS certification for varying levels of expertise. 

The Certification

Amazon Web Services themselves provide certifications for different levels of expertise, with 12 certifications spread over four levels. These levels are; Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. The AWS certification cost varies from 150 dollars USD to 300 dollars USD depending on the certification level. 

If you want to get AWS certified, you can start by visiting the Amazon Web Services website and checking out the various certifications. You can choose based on your expertise and experience. Numerous resources are also readily available online, starting with the AWS website itself. 

Numerous coaching services offer AWS certification training, like Koenig Solutions. These one-on-one virtual classes are priced relatively, cover all the material, and test you to prepare you for the certification exams. 


Many IT professionals who work in the cloud computing sector get these certifications to move to a job that pays well. There is a massive demand for cloud computing experts since the market has more job openings for cloud professionals than certified professionals themselves. Private firms and governments are hiring these AWS certified professionals dime a dozen. Having a certification makes you much more lucrative to these employers and dramatically increases your chances of not only getting hired but getting a well-paying job. 

Getting a high-level certification, like the AWS DevOps certification, will land you a great job and give you extensive knowledge and experience in the field, allowing you to further excel in your career.


As you can see, the Australian Government themselves has awarded Amazon Web Services with permission to host data up to the highest possible classification level. It opens the doors for aspiring and already experienced AWS professionals to build applications that comply with the PROTECTED level security classification. 

The demand for such professionals has exponentially increased over the last few years, and employers offer well-paying jobs for AWS developers. If you are an aspiring AWS developer, it is best to get certified as soon as possible! Getting certified is the first step towards a career in AWS application development. Register for that online training course, prepare for the exam, and get certified!

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