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Best Areas for Families to Relocate in Mumbai


Maharashtra is the central region of India that attracts a lot of attention from all over the country. Considering how the financial capital of the country manages to become the hub of massive urban transition, there’s always a demand for homes in Mumbai. People coming in from different cities and states have various needs pertaining to their desired residential scenario.

Some people want to live in one of the super luxury apartments in Mumbai whereas others would just like to be close to their workplace. Similarly, some people might prefer to be in solitude considering the noise pollution in the city while some would like to be in the middle of the city. This ultimately ends up making the task of coming up with a list of common requirements from a residential home daunting.

So, let’s take a look at the living situation of the city according to how the people see it. As per the people of Mumbai, here’s a list of the most preferred areas in the city that you should check out:


Coming up on top as the most desired residential location in the city, Bandra is an esteemed neighbourhood that redefines luxury living. Divided into different sections, i.e. Bandra East and West, the area comprises of business and market hubs as well as top-notch residential developments spread in between.

Several big-time companies have set up offices in the BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) which is a renowned commercial hub. As a result of the massive hiring that happens every year, many employees hope to find rental homes in the area. People migrating alone want smaller spaces whereas those with families want at least a 2-3bhk apartment if not a bigger space.

Surrounded by restaurants, retail centres, malls, fitness centres and entertainment spots, Bandra is the city’s centre of attention. Families find it appealing to have the city’s best schools, hospitals and other facilities nearby.

All in all, Bandra is a high-end place that is always in demand and therefore, the rates are on the higher side.


Providing you with an opportunity to realize your dream of living near the beach and among the billionaires and celebrities of India, Worli is the second-most demanded area in the city. Known for housing the city’s wealthiest, you can imagine the rates and the number of people who would want to move into the area.

Although the area offers all sorts of residential configurations including villas and townhouses, you should consider well before deciding to bear the costs.

The fact that the area offers glistening views of the sea on its horizons gives Worli the last name of Sea Face. It’s well-connected to Bandra via the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. With skyscrapers lining the sky and cultural heritages such as Haji Ali Dargah attract a lot of people’s attention.


Juhu is famous for the entertainment spots it nestles within itself. From cafes, night clubs and high-end restaurants to parks, fitness clubs, gyms and access to the beach, everything comes together to make Juhu a dream for families to live in.

Like Worli, Juhu also hosts some of the richest celebrities and billionaires of the country. Although some people might want to be near Amitabh Bachan, others might love Juhu for the security and privacy it offers to its residents. Moreover, the fact that it enjoys close proximity to main city attractions, as well as the coast, adds to the location’s appeal.

Families with children of all ages instantly become fans of Juhu when they think of all the luxuries they can enjoy.


Powai is a busy city district that earns its reputation for being a top-class neighbourhood for family residences. Offering state of the art amenities and facilities of the whole city right outside your doorstep, the community also features remarkable infrastructure. Although the buildings might seem like they were constructed some time ago, the interior of the majority of properties seems well-maintained.

Located right along the Powai Nirvana Lake, there is a great sunset and sunrise waiting for all the residents of the area. With mountains setting the horizon and the sun filling the colours, the lake becomes the ideal place to have a picnic. The presence of the adventure park Hakone adds to the already high appeal of the area.


Soon to be connected to the inner city with the metro line project that aims to bring in city-wide transportation networks, Mulund is a popular suburb of Mumbai. Located right along the park that nestles the Tulsi Lake inside, Mulund West and East offer commercial as well as residential sectors to settle into.

Rightly deemed as one of the ideal suburban neighbourhoods of Maharashtra, 1 bhk flats in mulund west for sale will not just be a great investment but an even better living space. You can find bigger spaces as well as configurations in the area to satisfy your requirements.

All in all, there are many neighbourhoods in Mumbai that are suitable for living. If you know of some developments that will make an area stand out, do feel free to comment below!

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