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What is the difference between Proofreading and editing?


As we all know that both Editing and Proofreading are two different steps of document creation. This service is hired by a writer once he/she is done writing with his first draft of the document. This service is found in huge numbers online which makes it easy for the writers to hire a second eye for checking the document which he/she has written. But the writer has to keep one thing in mind that the person to whom this work is assigned has a clear knowledge of the topic which is given to them.

If we try to define Proofreading, it is a surface-level check. It is a process that makes the final checking of a document. The software or the person performing the technique will usually look for any incorrect spellings, presence of proper punctuations, textual and numerical inconsistencies, etc.

Whereas, if we talk about Editing, it is usually done to strengthen the core of a document like sentence construction and checking the language clarity. Perfect editing would improve the readability, clarity, and tone of the document. The software or the person performing this procedure would polish your work for a better and smooth dictation.

The main points of differentiation are:

Proofreading – It is usually done at the end of creating the final document. It is known to correct surface-level issues. Its corrections are universally accepted. The technique will usually look for any incorrect spellings, presence of proper punctuations, textual and numerical inconsistencies, etc. However, the procedure would not take into account word count reduction. It is so important because it can make already good work better and error-free. Proofreading doesn’t need many tie-ups with the author. Its change is usually not in need of any permissions. The entire task can be performed in a short period of time.

Editing – It is done after the completion of the first trial of creating a document and the process continues until the final draft is created. It usually strengthens the core of the document makes it more readable, providing it with more language clarity. It also makes changes that might make the narration very smooth and clear. If the requirement arises it also provides us with word reduction. The Editing is done to improve the overall quality of the document. The only negative point is that it requires collaboration with the author which is the reason why the turnaround time of editing is slightly longer.


One should choose Proofreading service when the author only requires changes and corrections in the basic grammar of the document in order to remove incorrect spellings, punctuation errors, etc.

On the other hand, Editing is required when your document needs changes in such a way that the writing may improve in readability, clarity, and flow.

Both the services are provided as a combination on some websites or sometimes you may also get separate services. Depending on your need you can choose any one of them.

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