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Best Guide to Get your Pools Professionally Cleaned


Maintaining your swimming pool does not have to be as tiresome as you might be thinking. It is a fact that every swimming pool varies in design, size, length, and depth, so their upkeep also varies with it. However, the secret to having a clean, healthy, and sparkly pool is common for all types. Regular cleaning with proper scrubbing chemicals and a system to decompose the dirt and debris will keep your pool healthy. The type of your pool is not a concern for cleaners, as following a strict cleaning ritual will ensure clear water health, which will also ensure the health of the swimmer. Swimming pool inspectors are trained to analyze your pool’s situation and form a cleaning schedule that is mandatory for your swimming pool. The cleaning companies will send their cleaners at the appointed time so that you can get clean water every time you go for a swim.

Guide for Professional Pool Cleaning

Even if you hire professional cleaners for your pool, you must know the procedures that go down. The pool owners have a right to always be updated about the cleaning processes, and they must educate themselves so that even if someone tries to scam them, they can point it out and save themselves. Following is a list of basic things that you must know about the professional pool cleaning procedures:

1-     Skimming and Scrubbing

Skimming the fallen leaves and debris off the pool’s surface is a regular task, and it should be done without interruptions. It will help to prevent algae from forming on the surface and giving your pool a green look that no one likes. Such pools also stink, and you would not want to step into such water yourself. In addition to skimming, scrubbing the walls of the pool is also important as it cleans off any sediments that may cause algae water in the future. Scrubbing is a weekly process and should be done as planned to keep the overall health of your swimming pool.

2-     Keep the Filters Cleaned

Just like the functionality of kidneys in the human body, filters play the same role for your swimming pool. The filtration system aims to keep the water fresh, regulated, and free from any debris or sediments. This way, the swimmer does not consume anything harmful, and his body remains healthy in the pool water. Thus, the filter must be cleaned regularly and should be kept on long in order to keep the pool water regulated.

3-     Consistent Chemical Levels

One of the most important factors of a maintained pool is regulated chemical levels. An improper balance of such chemicals can make the water look murky and cause irritation in the skin and the eyes. Moreover, such water also becomes a breeding ground for many bacterial infections that may be fatal for your health. Thus, to ensure that your swimming pool water is safe, you can test it and keep the levels maintained. There is a total of 6 chemicals that need to be balanced in the pool to keep it healthy and safe. When your pool water has balanced chemicals, you would be able to tell by the clear sparkly water, no faulty smell, and little to no residue on your skin after a swim.

4-     Use of Tennis Balls

Many people often wonder why there are a couple of tennis balls in the swimming pool. They may think that it has been placed there to catch and play, but there is more to it. These balls pay a dual function as they are frequently used to absorb excess oils in the water left behind by suntan products, hair products, or natural oils produced by the human skin. It is a common and very cost-effective way to keep oil from floating on the pool’s surface.

These are some basic things that are a part of every pool cleaning procedure.

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