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Reasons Apart From Traffic And Outreach Made Instagram Most Chosen In Fashion Industry

Reasons Apart From Traffic And Outreach Made Instagram Most Chosen In Fashion Industry


Several companies have used Instagram as a useful channel to gain a strong foothold in social media management and for perfect automation of social media marketing, and fashion brands and companies are no exception. However, there are lots of other reasons apart from traffic and more extensive outreach that has made Instagram a favorite channel in the fashion industry to launch new products, brands, offers, and promotions.

It is this power of Instagram that has made it the most preferred channel by the fashion brands over other channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The latest stats corroborate the fact. It says that,

  • This versatile platform is preferred by 48.8 percent of fashion brands, big or small
  • It is predicted to reach 70.7 percent by the end of the year
  • 90 out of the top 100 brands in all have an Instagram business account and
  • 96% of all the fashion brands in the US use Instagram to promote their product and brand.

Other than Instagram, you will hardly find another platform in the social media landscape that will allow you to showcase your product as well as your artistic caliber in a much better way. No matter whichever type of business you are into, this photo and video sharing mobile app will help you to attract and drive more individuals to your site.

Instagram and fashion

There are several other reasons for the preference of the fashion industry of Instagram over different channels. It is the most successful marriage of the two, Instagram and fashion. This powerful fashion force enables the brands to set trends, allure people to their site, and boost up their sales.

It makes sense because this platform has all the ability and potential to meet the two essential requirements of fashion promotion and sales. These are:

  • To inspire new trends and
  • To promote the lifestyle.

In addition to that, being a visual platform, it is easy to instigate the viewers to make a purchase. Most importantly, the channel meets the essential requirement of a community dimension most quickly and efficiently.

Experts say that purchases of fashion products are typically linked to different factors, such as:

  • The sense of belonging to a specific group and
  • Imitation of models and stars shown in the pictures.

The reports of The Conversation and The Lyst suggests that the outfits of the celebrities are actually the most potent and effective influencers. These shape up what people look at online stores to buy.

In comes Instagram Shopping

If there is any platform that is supposed to be the best one for storytelling, then Instagram will be the de-facto platform. Visual storytelling has been in for years and has been appreciated by brands and consumers alike. This is because it focuses mainly on beautiful photography and videography. This, in turn, serves collectively as the monographs into the lifestyles and lives of the creators.

The best way to enjoy all the benefits of Instagram is to use shoppable posts. This will enable you to create an even better opportunity for your target audience to:

  • Connect with your brands and
  • See all pertinent information, such as the descriptions and pricing of the product.

What is unique is the fact that to do all these, they have to click once without having to leave the app.

The shoppable posts will provide relevant links automatically to the users to visit the corresponding pages on your website to know about the product as well as add to the cart quickly and check out to browse the rest of your product catalog. This means that you will have a highly engaged community.

Use Instagram promotes a feature

If you do not want to buy real Instagram likes but gain a lot of followers and traffic, you can use the Promote feature of Instagram. This will make your storytelling efforts more successful. This feature, which is available only to Instagram Business and Professional accounts, will enable you to create Instagram advert much more efficiently by directly promoting a post that you like the most.

In order to use this feature, all you need to do is:

  • Scroll to the chosen post
  • Click on the “Promote” tab and
  • Follow the instructions.

Alternately, you can also use the “Promotions” shortcut in the profile and follow the guide to post the advert.

In addition to the above, make sure that you choose the specific audience that you want to see your adverts. Also, make sure that you have a predetermined budget to create these adverts as well as determine the period for which you want these to run. Do not forget to add an active CTA button on the advert.

Consider running Instagram sweepstakes

Yes, you will gain a lot if you run hashtag contests, but if you want to have awesome results, then you should run Instagram sweepstakes as well. This will lower the ask of the participants to upload a picture with a patented hashtag to their own profile.

Since the entry process of Instagram sweepstakes is a bit different, you can follow an entirely different process to build a sweepstakes page by using a contest app of your choice. For this you must build the sweepstakes page that should feature the following:

  • All relevant information about the contest
  • The prize you are offering to the winner and most importantly
  • A form that you want the contestants to fill up with information that you want to gather from them.

You may also schedule a series of Instagram posts or Stories to inform your followers about the sweepstakes. Once again, including a call-to-action is mandatory as that will direct them to the contest page.

Follow the fashion brands

Last but not least, you should follow the fashion brands that have been the most successful on this platform. This will give you a lot of inspiriting ideas to follow and implement in your strategies.

With the carefully curated and created photos and properly targeted ads, there is no other B2C industry other than fashion that has thrived better on Instagram. It will be unwise for you not to use it and be left out.

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