5 Basic Voice Over Tips to Remember

5 Basic Voice Over Tips to Remember


Voice over recordings are important and engaging in narrative videos, but it only works when it is done right. If you are looking for more ways to use voice overs to engage with clients or to improve your project, this article will provide you with some basic voice over tips to remember.

1. Use A Natural Voice

When your audience listens to a video or an ad, the first thing that will turn them off is if the voice is robotic or inhuman. This will end up making your listeners uncomfortable and they will not be able to focus on the message you want to get across.

Instead, use a natural and human voice, unless you are doing a character. Stressing some words and gliding over others will allow the audience to feel like you are having a conversation with them or are telling them a story.

2. Professional Enunciation Can Be Useful

Having a person who pronounces words well and clearly is vital in creating a successful voice over. Your audience wants to understand what is being said, but they don’t want to do this by trying too hard.

The speaker needs to be able to pass information in a way that makes it easily heard by the general public to make sure your message is getting across. Voice recording services, for instance, provide speakers that understand the importance of enunciation, and can therefore come across as a more credible source of information.

3. Regulate Your Speed

If you talk quickly, listeners are likely to assume that you are trying to sell something. On the other hand, if a person talks slowly, they become monotonous and a listener may decide to tune out.

When making a voice over, make sure you regulate your speed and keep it stable. If you are creating an explainer video, talking too quickly will result in your audience being unable to capture most of the information you provide them with.

4. Know When to Emphasize

Putting an emphasis on the right words is key to guiding your audience’s understanding. When you deliberately intonate certain words, you are telling your listener that what you are saying at that moment is important. This allows them to capture the main points of your message without getting too bogged down with the details.

At the same time, your intonation will also determine how you come across. You can sound confident, excited, or angry all based on how much you emphasize certain words.

5. Practice

One of the most important voice over tips is to practice, practice, and keep practicing. Knowing all the necessary factors that make a voice over great won’t matter if you don’t practice perfecting them. All of the above tips – emphasizing, enunciating, and regulating your speed – will require a ton of practice to come across naturally.

Best Voice Over Tips

Creating a voice over may seem easy, but making a good one is no piece of cake. You will need to come across naturally while also ensuring that your speech is clear and accessible. The solution? Keep practicing!

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