Guard Tour System and Its Amazing Benefits to Both Security Company and Client


Nowadays companies use software like a guard tour system to make sure that the security of the premises is effective by keeping the guards accountable and productive for their designated duties. In this system, the managers and supervisors track down the activities and frequent route patrolling of their guards. To ensure effective compilation of duties by the guards, the managers have to design a patrol route with checkpoints where the security guard needs to stop. The guards would be able to record events in real-time, send alerts, and report incidents quickly with the help of this cloud-based software. The whole information will get recorded on the computer where it can be easily accessed by the manager.

Benefits of using the guard tour system

  • Convenient to use– This cloud-based system is quite easy to use as the manager just has to have a smartphone where he would scan the checkpoint and gets all information or reports about the premises. The whole information about the premises gets stored in a central cloud-based system which means the managers and supervisor can manage or supervise all their work from anywhere by just carrying their smartphone.
  • Offers complete automation– This system is far away from the old guard tour method in which the guard has to make a manual record by visiting each checkpoint. In this cloud-based system, all the information gets automatically recorded in the central system. The managers or supervisor will get immediate and automatic notification of the incident if it happens.
  • Maintains history log– This system maintains a record of all logs and reports. It contains all information about the guard’s tour, sound recording, images, signatures, etc. having this historical record about the guards helps in monitoring their accountability towards their duties. So, this system is helpful to maintain the log and accessing the information whenever needed.
  • Quick tracking of incidents- This cloud-based guard tour system helps in monitoring the activities and patrolling of the guards. It identifies and reports the incidents in real-time. The managers or supervisors can immediately note and respond to the incident accordingly. It is the most helpful and reliable tool for the security personnel as it allows quick tracking and response to the incidents. The companies can avoid many potential risks with this feature of the system.
  • Helpful in the analysis of data-This cloud-based system keeps a log of all the data. This data can be accessed, monitored, and analyzed anytime by the supervisor or manager. They don’t have to make any more manual records. Automatically organized information can be easily analyzed whenever needed. This system is suitable to manage multiple units of the premises and constructing proper data analysis of all.

These are some of the benefits of a GPS guard tracking system. It is one of the best ways to make your guards accountable for their assigned duties. It not only helps the security company and also the client by ensuring the better provision of the security services.

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