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9 Easy Ways to Embrace a Cycling Lifestyle

Cycling Lifestyle


Whether you compete professionally or you take the bike out of the garage once a year, there is a certain vibe around pedaling. There is a whole culture centered on cycling and everyone can become part of it. If you have recently purchased a bicycle and wish to embrace a cycling lifestyle, here are 9 easy ways to do it.

Get a friend into cycling

Although tandem bikes appear hard to ride, they are quite fun if you ride them with the right person. The same goes for cycling, as riding a bike, whether through a park or to work is always more fun when you ride with someone How to get more followers on Instagram? Tips for gaining followers.

Apart from fellow cycling enthusiasts, it would be great if you could get a friend or a family member interested in the sport. If you’re a parent, then buying your kids bikes is a great way to always have sidekicks when you go pedaling through the country.

Take part in a race

Bicycles are a great way to commute and joy ride through nature but cycling is also a professional sport. Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España are just some of the most popular races. However, you needn’t be a pro cyclist to enter a race.

There are plenty of local events that are intended for amateurs. These include organized rides or 24-hour ultra-races that are a real challenge. Even if you cannot find a suitable venue, you can still challenge yourself by setting ever greater distances you want to cover daily or yearly.

There are several cycling disciplines

Increasing the number of kilometers you cover daily can become dull after a while (although it’s excellent for beginners). Luckily, cycling is not a monotonous sport, as there are several disciplines for passionate cyclists to discover.

From gravel riding to mountain biking, there are exciting disciplines that you can at least try. For most of (more) extreme disciplines, however, you are going to upgrade your wheels or get a brand new bike. This investment will be worth it when you feel the adrenaline rush for the first time.

DIY maintenance of your bike

Speaking of your bike, you don’t have to trust its maintenance to a mechanic as you do with your car. Becoming a cyclist (or a motorist, for that matter) is about a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency.

Since a typical bicycle isn’t as technically complex as a car, you should at least be capable of completing essential roadside repairs on your own. From changing a flat tire to learning to patch up a broken chain, maintaining a bike is fairly simple.

In fact, there is no need for a special bike repair shop, as you already have enough space and the right tools in the garage back home. Every time you are able to fix an issue, such as adjusting bike breaks or oiling the chain, you will feel a rewarding sense of pride.

Gear up!

If you’re a fan of shopping, you can probably spend hours inside a mall. The passion for fashion should make its way into your two-wheeled hobby. There are so many biking accessories on the market, from mountain bike shoes to colorful ding-dong bicycle bells. Once you get into accessories, you’ll start sprucing up your ride to the point it becomes instantly recognizable on the road.

Start cycling to work

Speaking of the road, bicycles are fun but they are also functional. In fact, you can use them for your everyday commute if you live in the countryside or a bike-friendly city. They are way better than other transport options, even the subway, and ridesharing with your colleagues.

Apart from being absolutely free, cycling to work is great for your health. You get to burn calories and pedaling is great cardio. In general, riding your bike on a daily basis for at least an hour (both ways) is considered a solid workout.

It is no coincidence that you can find stationary exercise bikes at gyms, as this exercise pumps your glutes. However, cycling through the countryside every day is far healthier than working out in a stuffy gym.

Choose a bike instead of a car for short trips

Cars are convenient for bad weather because they offer much more protection than a bike. On the other side, they are uneconomical when it comes to short trips, as it’s hardly worth the effort turning the ignition on for a trip to the local supermarket.

For such and similar short hops, a bicycle is a far better option. You don’t have to search for a parking spot, you can pull up to the supermarket entrance, and you can easily navigate traffic. Once the neighbors see you whizz past them, they’ll be tempted to get on two wheels themselves.

Join a cycling initiative

As far as the community is concerned, in many parts of the world, the Netherlands, for example, the biking culture is so developed that there are numerous biking initiatives. These organizations can be national, regional, and local in character but the latter ones are the most influential within their communities.

You might become friends with some of the members but you will definitely learn more about cycling and have someone to dismiss your passion with. As part of an initiative, you will also learn to petition the local government, asking for repairs to bike paths or more protected lanes.

Falling in love with all sports

As mentioned earlier, cycling is, before all, a sport. If you’re not a sporty person, then cycling is the ideal stepping stone for other sports that are related to cycling. For instance, you might wish to jog through the landscape you use to ride your bike through.

Apart from running, other sports that are related to cycling include swimming, hiking, yoga, weight, lifting, etc. The versatility of the sports listed just goes to show how far-reaching cycling really is.

Embracing a cycling lifestyle can be difficult at times (no one likes pedaling to work in heavy rain), but the cyclist’s passion is what drives them forward, quite literally. Don’t adopt all 9 tips listed above at once but go one step at a time. After you gear up and join a cycling initiative, you will have already become a true “cyclofile.”

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