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Unique designs available in Yellow gold flower engagement ring


 Floral design is a very good option to present to your partner on your engagement day. The unique design of the flower makes it stand out in the crowd. The figurative design and its huge versatility attract many people, and yellow gold flower engagement designs less in the price range compared to the solitaire and many other diamond engagement rings. The engagement rings that are inspired by flower design evokes the Victorian era. Usually, the engagement rings are made in a halo setting for floral design. If you basically like flowers, there are many ways to incorporate them into engagement rings.

Victorian era

This has a setting that is made of yellow gold, and it has six prongs that are raised gently upwards to form a cup-like structure in the center. The diamond is placed in the centerpiece, or if you prefer pearls, you can place the pearl in the prongs. Many Engagement rings in Hatton Garden are of evergreen vintage style.


This design is preferred by people who have an Irish background. This Celtic design is usually made in yellow gold, and it has the motifs like trinity knot, Claddagh wedding rings, dragons, Celtic knot, and many other Irish motifs. If you prefer this style of ring, you can also cherish the Irish tradition. It is famous for the beautiful knot works and Irish oriented motifs.


Filigree engagement design has romantic motifs like hearts, vines, flowers, etc. It looks ornamental as it involves arranging threads and beads elaborately to get a lace-like structure. People who like jewellery with more details in it will love this filigree style engagement ring. Filigree is a very classic and timeless style, and it will stand out during your precious day. Especially yellow gold filigree design makes the ring more gorgeous.


This is another style in the floral pattern. The flower designs are engraved in the band. Not only flower design, but you can also customize your band with any kind of pattern you like. Some people design their own flower engagement ring to get a personal touch without degrading the original beauty of the engagement ring.

Art nouveau

This design predominantly has leaf patterns in the band. It is crafted during 1890-1915, and this period is considered the most creative era of all the centuries. The art nouveau contains the artistical touch. Normally it features natural designs like flowers, leaves, birds, animals, etc. It looks more beautiful when it is done with the flower pattern.

Art deco

The baguette diamonds are used in this design. These diamonds are used to form an architectural structure with a floral design in the center. This design gives a modern and trendy look to the engagement ring. Hatton gardens engagement rings have unique craftsmanship. The difference between the art nouveau and the art deco is, the former has the more curved, natural designs, whereas the latter contains sharp lines, angles, circles, rectangles, geometry, polygonal, etc.

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