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How To Utilize Old Appliances? 4 Simple Tips


Is it time to call it quits? Are you ready to throw in the towel on that old fridge? Has the range boiled its last kettle of tea? Sometimes we have tried all the options involved in salvaging our old appliances, and after they have failed on us time and time again, we must finally make a hard decision, and you are left with the question: What do we do with our old appliances?


The last option would be just to throw it away. There are a few options we can take a look at before you head to the local landfill. Let’s check those four nifty ideas.

  1. Transform it

Have you checked out ideas on the internet of putting that old appliance to work again but in a totally different form? Check it out. A brief Google search will come up with all kinds of ideas. 

An old favorite is taking an old dryer and using it for a fire pit. Be sure to paint it with some rust-proof paint and dress it up with some nice rocks surrounding it.


Or how about using an old coffee pot and giving your kid a new home for his goldfish. Or a cool new rock garden display? Possibly a place for your orchids to blossom?


Turn a retired refrigerator into a useful outdoor cooler for the backyard or patio. You can make a neat looking exterior out of reclaimed wood or pallets. Throw some wheels on it and even a counter on the top, and you have yourself an outdoor bar of sorts. This could go right alongside your firepit, and you can have yourself a perfect summer hangout spot.


Don’t let it stop here. The ideas are very plentiful once you start thinking outside the box. So instead of tossing it in a landfill, think of different ways you can re-use it.

  1. The store will take your appliance for a fee

Have you ever bought a part for your car and had to pay a core charge? Well, it’s similar for appliances. Though this is not the first option, for a small fee, the store where you purchase your new appliance will most likely take your old one off your hands. Keep in mind they usually will want your business, so this option is sometimes limited to when you buy a new appliance from them.

  1. Sell them

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. If your item needs a simple repair, someone may be looking to fix it themselves, or they may be looking to transform it into their own mastermind garden project. Have a go at posting them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and see what happens.

  1. Give it away or sell it for scrap metal

There are programs in cities and towns with a setup to take your old appliances. They often have a recycling program in place. Lake Mary appliance repair company is one of these. You can utilize this, sometimes even offering free pick up. Have a look to see if your town offers such a service.


The aforementioned options might not pan out for your particular appliance. Don’t lose heart; there is still one more option! How about the Salvation Army or the Habitat ReStore? There might be other charitable organizations in your home town that could take your appliance and even give you a tax deduction for such items. 

Conclusion on how to utilize old appliances

The last thing you want to do is throw it away. The options abound, and there are lots of commercial “junk” companies that will haul off anything if you are willing to pay them — but before you let them, try and make a buck for yourself. 


Another thing to keep in mind is our beautiful planet. We never want to add more waste than we have to. Be sure you choose responsibly when utilizing any one of the options mentioned above. If you are going to use a company to take your “junk,” be sure that they too are acting in a responsible way. Make sure you have done your part before you part with that treasured appliance.

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