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5 Ways to Make a Corporate Event Fun and Exciting


Corporate events are not uncommon in our time. But often it is not possible to hold a corporate party outside the office, and celebrating a holiday from time to time in the office in the “eat – talk” mode becomes boring and uninteresting. The main thing is to approach the process of preparing the event creatively, choose a bright idea and create an interesting scenario. We will try to diversify your corporate event with few ideas.


1. Rent games for small spaces

Dancing heads


To arrange such interesting entertainment, you need to have only a few square meters of free space. One to three people must sit in front of the counter with special equipment so that the draperies and green background leave only the heads of the participants visible. Then the famous hit will sound, and the figures of cartoon or professional dancers with huge heads of your employees will appear on the screen. If the employees sing along and dance loudly, it will be very interesting and funny.

Xbox Kinect

An excellent game console equipped with three cameras, thanks to which it senses the movements of one or more people at the same time. You can choose a character for yourself and repeat the movements after him while earning points. It is also possible to make the virtual dancer repeat the movements behind you. This is an insanely fun activity.


2. Organize a memorable show


Science show


Don’t be surprised – this kind of entertainment is not only for kids! There are many exciting and unexpected scientific experiments that adults will happily take part in. Science show can surprise and amuse even the most earned employees. Naturally, there is a scientific basis for everything seen, but the show is breathtaking and causes incredible delight among the audience. Any participant can feel like a real scientist. 

Sand show


You will not only be able to see the amazing spectacle of drawing with sand to music but also learn some techniques of such an unusual art. This is not just one picture depicted with sand on the special glass. There is a whole story with real transformations! And most importantly, everything that happens is projected onto a large screen, so everyone will see the performance. One sand story lasts about 15 minutes.


3. Play mind games


Quest is gaining more and more popularity when choosing an idea for an interesting and unusual event. Quest is an exciting game based on team solving intellectual, creative and physical problems of varying complexity, where each participant receives a role and a memo with the background of his character and team, goals and a list of tasks. Each team must complete all tasks, according to the results of which the winner will be determined.


A lot of interest and emotions will be aroused by intellectual team games like “The Who? What? Where?“. These games are designed not only to entertain but also to exercise in solving complex mental problems. A spinning top, special buttons for several teams, interesting questions selected for your company, and an experienced presenter himself will rightly determine the real winner.


Although “Mafia” is no longer so popular, it has not become a less interesting and emotional game. If you have not played it with your team yet, you should try it. Then for another half a month you will think about who from your team was the “mafia”.

4. Organize a costume photoshoot


Option 1: Invite a dresser and photographer. A dresser comes to the office with all kinds of accessories, wigs and themed costumes to help you create your chosen look. The photographer captures your employees in a new guise. And the ready-made pictures can be used in the future as an individual photo-gift or for decorating an office calendar.

Option 2: Invite an on-site photo studio with instant photo prints. All pieces of furniture, backgrounds, costumes, accessories and equipment required for commemorative photos will be brought to your office. All you have to do is put on themed outfits and start posing.

Option 3: Have a ride called The Magic Book. A short video is shot separately for each participant. Then, thanks to a special program, certain frames are selected that will be printed. After cutting, the pictures are folded into a small booklet. If you quickly flip through the pages of the book, you can see a revived and changing picture.


5. Hire professionals


Professional host


It is gratifying that the days have passed when the programs of almost all the presenters were too monotonous and pretty fed up with the audience. Now there is fierce competition among the people of this profession, and therefore everyone is trying to create something of their own, unique and inimitable. The presenters give out impromptu jokes, select contests so that they are individually suitable for each event. Real professionals are able to understand when it is worth making a gastronomic break, they correctly alternate the entertainment and official parts of the program. Naturally, many factors depend on who orders the corporate party. If the person was able to explain important points and clearly defined the task for the leader, then, undoubtedly, everything will go great!

Event management agency


If all this sounds a bit overwhelming for you and you are not sure how to organize and monitor it, make sure to find professionals. They will take care of everything.  Your employees will have the best fun and the event will go smoothly. Just be careful and hire professionals for event marketing who can help you out with this task, so you don’t have to worry. 



So, there are a lot of ways to organize a corporate party in the office. Choose the idea that is most suitable for your team – and then you will have vivid and unforgettable impressions of the corporate event held together!


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