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A Complete Guide for Recording, Editing, and Exporting Educational Videos with Wondershare DemoCreator

Exporting Educational Videos with Wondershare DemoCreator


If you are an educator, then you might already know how tedious it can be to come up with informative yet interesting online content. Most of the content creators record their screens to educate others about a topic, but the process can be extremely tedious. To make your job easier, I have come up with this dedicated guide on Wondershare DemoCreator. Here, I will let you know how to record your screen, edit videos, and export them – all in one place. Let’s begin!


Part 1: Tips for Effective Remote Teaching Practices

In the present scenario, e-learning has taken a huge leap and almost every school or university is going online. Therefore, to provide a comprehensive learning experience to your students, I would recommend the following tips.

  • Practice asynchronous teaching

Instead of taking lectures online, you can consider recording videos beforehand as per your convenience. Later, your students can watch the online lectures (or re-watch them) whenever they like.

  • Reshoot and edit

You might already know that live screencasting can lead to certain errors and might not be so effective. The best thing about asynchronous teaching is that you can reshoot and edit your videos later to get the perfect lecture.

  • Create micro-lectures

If your lectures are way too long, then your audience might find it hard to concentrate. Instead, you can record micro-lectures on each topic that would be more effective and precise.

  • Use a Recording/Editing Tool

To make the entire process stress-free, you can consider using a dedicated tool that can record your screen and edit videos in one place. I have included one of the best video recorders and editors later in this guide.


Part2: How to Record your Screen (with Webcam or Sound) using DemoCreator?

With the help of a professional and user-friendly tool like Wondershare DemoCreator, you can record your screen and even edit your videos in one place. To start with, you can just follow these simple steps to record your lectures like a pro.

  1. Launch Wondershare DemoCreator

At first, just download and install Wondershare DemoCreator on your Windows PC or Mac and double-click its icon to launch the application.

  1. Open the Screen Recorder Interface

From its home, you can click on the “New Recording” option to get the screen recording software interface. There is a second option for its inbuilt Video Editor that we will later explore.

As you would open the Screen Recorder, a dedicated panel will be launched to guide you on how to record your screen and use other features ofthe tool.

  1. Choose your Recording Area

Once the screen recorder tool is opened, you can select the area of the screen that you want to record. Under the “Screen Capture” feature, you can select the full screen or a part of it. There is also an option to set up the frame rate for the recording.

  1. Select the Webcam option

In case you wish to include your webcam, then go to the Camera section from the side. From here, you can choose to capture the camera’s input and even select its frame rate.

  1. Choose the Audio Source

Similarly, you can also go to the Audio section and choose to capture the computer audio or the microphone’s input. Just go to the respective dropdown menu and choose to capture (or not capture) it.


  1. Start recording your screen

That’s it! Now, you can just click on the “Capture” button or press the F10 key to start recording the screen. You can use the widget of DemoCreator to pause, stop, or resume your recording easily.

  1. Use its inbuilt screen drawing tool

If you want to draw something on the screen while recording, then just enable the “Screen Drawing Tool” option from the interface.

This will display a dedicated screen drawing toolbar at the top that you can use to draw anything while recording.

  1. Use the Screen Spotlight

On the toolbar, you can also use the Spotlight feature that would let you focus on any designated area. Apart from that, there are other options like adding a cursor, using the pen, drawing shapes, and more.

  1. Finish recording your videos

While recording, you can press the F9 key to pause it or the F10 key to stop recording. You can also find these options on the recording widget of DemoCreator.


Part3: Edit Your Videos with Wondershare DemoCreator

Besides recording your screen, you can also use the inbuilt features of DemoCreator to edit your videos. From voice recording to audio effects and zooming to trimming, there are so many edits and transitions you can use in DemoCreator.

  1. Import the Video

At first, you can just launch Wondershare DemoCreator, go to the Video Editor module, and open your video. You can drag and drop it or go to its File > Import Media Files option to load it.

  1. Split the Video

Once the video is added to the timeline, you can edit it the way you like. For instance, to split the video, just place the head at the designated place, and right-click. Select the Split option and use the scissor icon to meet your requirements.

  1. Scale the Clip

You can also adjust the overall size of the screen with the scaling option. Just go to the Properties of the videoand use the “Scale” feature to adjust its ratio.

  1. Rotate the clip

Similarly, you can also go to the Properties section in the sidebar and rotate your video. You can set up the rotation to an arbitrary degree or apply custom changes.


  1. Make other Adjustments

There are tons of other options that you can use to edit your videos. For instance, with the help of the Blending Mode, you can adjust the composition of the video and customize its opacity.

You can also add all kinds of captions, annotations, stickers, etc. to your videos that you can resize, reposition, and customize.

  1. Apply Transition Effects

From the side panel of the window, you can also select different transitions and apply them to your videos. There are features to change the overall transition effects in your project as well.

  1. Pan and Zoom (and more)

Under the Effects section of DemoCreator, you can also apply the Pan & Zoom effect to focus on any object in your recording. There are other effects (like Green Screen or Cinema) that you can further use.

Part4: Export your Videos in a Preferred Format

That’s it! Once you have completed recording and editing, you can go to the Export option and save your video in a preferred format. You can mark a location to save your video and select its target format, resolution, bit rate, sample rate, and other parameters as well.

There you go! I’m sure that with the help of a tool like Wondershare DemoCreator, you can easily create stunning yet interesting educational videos. Since the application will let you record your screen and edit your videos in one place, it will certainly come in handy to you on numerous occasions.

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