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5 Best Matching Sweatsuits for Women 2021

To help you come up with your own style and fashion statement


In case you haven’t heard it yet, sweatsuits are one of the most popular fashion items this season. There are several reasons why they became the go-to pieces for many fashionistas and trendsetters. They are super comfortable to wear, available in many styles and colours, easy to combine with other clothing items, suitable for both staying at home and going out, fun to style and to wear.

To help you come up with your own style and fashion statement, we selected 5 matching sweatsuits for women that will be popular in 2021. We are sure that you will be able to choose something suitable just for you!

When shopping for wholesale sweatsuits, start with thinking about the colour palette. Have a look at your closet and the clothes that you already own. What is the dominant colour? Have you got a toned, minimalist wardrobe or quite the opposite – most items are loud and colourful? Once you establish what you have and what you need, you may start looking at sweatsuit set wholesale and try to find your perfect sweatsuit for 2021.

It’s always a good idea to own a couple of different sets that are easy to mix and match as well as combine with other garments such as T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and even maxi dresses. There are several interesting ways how you can style your sweatsuit set and you don’t always need to wear both pieces together. Combine your top with a maxi skirt or dress, wear your joggers with a favourite off-the-shoulder sweater, sport your hoodie with skinny jeans or floral leggings and so on. The ideas are endless.

Matching sweatsuits are however a very fun and versatile items and if you don’t have too much time to think about your outfit in the morning, choosing a set that is ready to wear will be your best bet.

Our favourite colours of matching sweatsuits for 2021 include light beige, pastel pink, grey, black, and white. All those colours are easy to combine with

other colours and will look great with white sneakers. If you like wearing zip hoodies or sweatshirts, you can always add an interesting T-shirt to the mix, while still keeping your colour palette toned down or even completely sticking to one colour (or adding just a touch of other colour such as classic white or black).

An interesting trend that you may want to try while sporting your sweatsuit is colour blocking. To achieve a proper look is easier than you think. Just add a T-shirt, baseball cap or a cross-body bag in a contrasting colour. Some colours that always work well together are: black and white, blue and fuchsia, orange and green, or black and yellow.

You may also want to keep a low-key, but still cool and relaxed look by going for all-pastels look. In that case stick to very light, neutral colours, such as pastel blue, powder pink, lemon, mint, peach, light beige, etc. This colour palette looks especially good for spring as it’s fresh and youthful.

We hope that our styling guide helped you establish what type of sweatsuit set you are looking for and gave you a couple of useful ideas how you can wear it. Once you start wearing sweatsuits, it will be hard to live without them as they indeed are super comfortable and fun to wear. Give it a try!

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