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Unique And Alluring Flowers In The World!!!!

Flowers are the most amazing creation of our mother nature


Flowers are the most amazing creation of our mother nature. Every civilization in the world has idolized the beauty of flowers. Today we have the privilege and we have picked up a few flowers that are the most mesmerizing flowers in the world. Along with the flowers we will provide you with some amazing and unforgettable facts about them. With these facts, you won’t be able to forget them for your entire life. We have the flowers in this list starting from the category classic to exotic. As we all know we all have that one flower which is our weakness and we love it the most. If someone gives us that single flower that makes us happier than before. So, keep your eyes on the list and see the amazing facts about that flower that you love. Moreover, you can order flowers online and send them to your near and dear ones and make them feel more amazing.


The botanical name of this beautiful flower is Nelumbo Nucifera. This flower is an aquatic flower that is large in size and shape. It emerges from mud but is beautiful in appearance.  It belongs to Asia and grows in India in abundance. This is the national flower of India as well. This flower is considered a holy flower because people in India believe that Goddess Laxmi resides in it. So, in the season of Diwali demand for this flower increases incredibly because people worship Goddess Laxmi with the help of this sacred flower. It beholds several meanings in Hinduism and Buddhism like harmony, rebirth, enlightenment, etc. There are many different colors of this sacred flower like, purple, pink, white, dark pink, etc. So, giving such flowers to your near and dear ones makes the bond strong.

Cherry Blossom

The botanical name of this amazing flower is Prunus serrulata. This flower is one of the most alluring flowers in the world. It erupts in a pinkish cloud in spring and carries a small tiny blossom. Japan is the place where these beautiful flowers originate and the country celebrates the cherry blossom festival every year and from all over the world people come and visit this beautiful festival to experience the unforgettable beauty of these amazing flowers.

Moreover, Japan is not the only country that celebrates this festival. America also celebrates this cherry blossom festival every year which is conducted in Washington DC. In 1912 cherry blossom trees had been gifted to America by the mayor of Tokyo and the count of the tree was 3000. This beautiful gesture took place to tighten up the bond between the two countries. Send flowers online like Cherry Blossom and strengthen the bond between them.


The botanical name of this magnificent flower is begonia tuberhybrida. This beauty comes from Brazil and enhances the grace of Brazil. This flower has the appearance of a rose and is eminent amongst the youth and gardens. This flower was documented first in 1690 by Charles Plumier who was a Franciscan monk. The time of blooming of this flower is summer. This flower is not so easy to take care of.  They have been bred and emerge with some beautiful colors like red, pink, yellow, orange, etc. They are mostly of colors from the inside but the edges of the petals are red or pink. This combination makes them look more amazing and beautiful.

So, considering this flower as a gift is the best thing because it is unique and beautiful and has a resemblance of a rose but it is not a rose. So everyone will ask you which flower is this while you are carrying it.

There are no doubts left that flowers are the best gift that anyone can give. We hope you liked this article and you will consider these points and make your special people feel more special and amazing. Keep in mind that these flowers are liked by everyone so choose wisely, find suitable flowers and make your special people feel more special. Order flowers online and make your special people happy and different. You can explore more flowers but these are the most beautiful flowers in the world that will definitely make your near and dear ones happy.

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