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Fun product photography with custom candle boxes

Custom Candle Boxes


Minerva my friend ordered awesome custom candle boxes for her husband’s business venture. She had been laid off due to COVID. But this did not discourage her. She decided to help her husband with his candle business. She had always been very supportive of it. She took this time as the perfect opportunity to grow their business online and provide a unique identity to their business by branding it using custom candle boxes. She researched the best packaging and printing experts in the industry and ordered three different types of custom candle packaging according to the three product lines of the candles their business offered. Their business dealt with aromatherapy candles, accessorizing candles, and the premium range of candles. She made sure to order biodegradable custom cardboard boxes for the packaging of all these three product lines.

These custom cardboard boxes will also be beneficial for introducing the candles in the local marts and departmental stores. They would function as the perfect custom retail boxes for the candles on the shelves. The customers will be able to associate with the packaging and remember its branding elements to recognize them instantly the next time they lay their eyes on it. This custom retail packaging will keep the candles protected from the severity of temperatures and other damaging factors that can mar the look and feel of the products placed inside. Minerva knew that the most important purpose of packaging is to maximize the security of the products packaged inside. Nothing puts off a customer more than bad or poor packaging. In many cases, it has even led to disputes between brands and their customers, which take years to settle. To avoid any such mishap companies must invest in good packaging options.

Minerva knew the importance of capturing images of the products with their custom retail boxes. She knew that people wanted to look at the products placed inside these boxes. So one Sunday, Jennie, our mutual friend was asked to do a product photography session for her business. Jennie was sweet enough to adjust Minerva’s request in between her busy days.  She adjusted the timing such that there was maximum natural light. The props were kept in the terrace area to capture pics for social media platforms like Instagram. They were placed such that the natural light falls on the products. I was amazed at the details of the candles that light enabled Jennie to capture. The photo session was scheduled in the late afternoon when the light from the sun was not harsh. The candles looked so amazing in their custom retail packaging in these pictures.

The premium custom candle packaging boxes for these candles were photographed alone as well. It is because these custom boxes are a retail wonder on their own. The manufacturing of these custom boxes requires a lot of work. They are crafted from durable stocks, which offer a solid framework. More customization tools are added to this sturdy framework of custom rigid boxes. They are layered with premium-quality paper, fabric, or other options. Each of them is provided with a distinct theme according to the product. They are also manufactured to offer a unique unboxing experience to their customers. Minerva had added a magnetic closure feature to her custom retail packaging for seamless opening and closing of boxes. She had also added a small diffuser and essential oils to her premium gift set, which were packed in custom rigid boxes to attract her customers.

As the sun set for the day, we took the products and props inside to use artificial lighting tools for the remaining shoot. Tripods were such a help when capturing the product shots and their custom packaging from different angles. Minerva and her husband experienced a boost in the sales of their candles as soon as these pictures went up on different social media platforms from where they were shared.

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