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5 Reasons Why Preschool Education Is Good for Your Child

Children begin to learn from the moment they are born.


Children begin to learn from the moment they are born. Many believe that the period when children between the ages of 1 and 3 is the most appropriate time to begin a child’s education, lay the foundation for his development, both academically and socially. An important point in this belief is that 3-6 year old children are like “sponges” that constantly “absorb” everything new.

Preparing your child for school is not the only task that needs to be done at preschool age. It is important to lay the foundations of education and competently direct the vector of personality formation. After all, the future achievements of the child or his problems with others and with himself originate at the earliest stage of his life.


How important is early childhood education?


So, many are wondering how important preschool education is for children, but the answer will be different for everyone. Some people decide that preschool education is compulsory and try in every possible way to invest in the child as much knowledge as possible, both by their own efforts and with the help of various courses, tutors, and kindergarten. Others confine themselves to the belief that the child will receive everything they need at the school itself, otherwise what is it for?


It is a mistake to believe that the child will be given all the necessary knowledge at school, and that he should not have any general knowledge before it. In many examples, we can see that children who did not attend a kindergarten for example, at one time develop a little slower than their peers who have passed this stage of their lives. The fact is that, in addition to knowledge, a kindergarten helps a child adapt to life in society, learn some rules of behaviour and general rules of life. Children who have some kind of preschool education are much more stress-resistant, in many situations they know how to get out of the problem, how to avoid conflict, etc. This helps them start their socialisation journey a little earlier, and much smoother, without much loss. Another important fact is that in preschool age, the child learns the basics of communication with the teacher, that is, the educator. After he learns to understand that the teacher needs to be respected and listened to, it will be easier for him to maintain subordination in relation to the leadership and teachers in the school.


In addition to all this, the preschool education programs include the diversified development of the child. Children learn to memorise and distinguish colours, a love of music is instilled, they learn a sense of tact, acquire the skills of memorising poetry. They are engaged in creative tasks, learn the alphabet, numbers, etc. All these are components of the full development of a child.


We prepared 5 most important reasons why preschool education is good for your child If you still  have some doubts.


1. Preschool education help psychological development of the child


Preschool age is an important stage in the development of a child’s personality. Visual-figurative thinking is formed: the preschooler learns to analyse the incoming information. Through the gradual development of abilities, creativity is formed as an integral element of activity.

The main preschool education programs for children are based precisely on these features.


2. Preschool education prepares children for primary school


Do not be afraid that your child will “grow up” too early. In addition to educational activities, which most often take place in the form of a game, children also have their own free, playing time, where the child himself chooses an interesting activity.


3. Preschool education will help the child develop socially and emotionally


Children learn to compromise, treat others with respect and solve problems. The preschool education provides a place where the child plays with peers and builds trust. Here children usually realize what they are capable of, what they can do on their own without the help of adults. At preschool age, the worldview of a little person is actively formed. He is already getting to know what is good and what is bad, the first guidelines are being built in his mind. He will refer to them not only in his actions, but also in the process of choosing a future profession.


4. Preschool education will help children find answers to their many questions


Everyone knows that 4-5 year olds start asking some great questions about the world around them, such as, “What happens to the water after rain?” Even a parent can get confused when trying to answer some of these questions. In a good quality child care facility, various experiments and conversations are often carried out in a group that help the children themselves and answer their questions.


5. Children start learning


At preschool age, the knowledge, skills and abilities of the child are actively formed. He learns the most effective ways of learning activities, develops the environment of his interests. The first building blocks of continuing education are being laid. The educator teaches children to do various activities that the children find interesting, for example: various didactic games, conversations, theatrical games.


Additional preschool education as a guarantee of the harmonious development of the child

It’s no secret that an ordinary kindergarten is not able to fully shape the future student. Therefore, today many parents are thinking about additional preschool education for children. They are doing the right thing because this type of activity has several advantages:

The child can fully develop his talents, while the choice of activity will be free.
You can choose the mode and pace of the development of programs, as well as build planning and educational trajectories.

The child can take part in various developmental programs in accordance with their interests, values and inclinations.

Parents together with the child can choose a coach and teacher based on information about his qualifications and direction of activity.




Additional education for preschool children is a kind of “social lift” for the majority of children who cannot receive the entire range of knowledge in full due to various reasons. Preschool education will allow the child to compensate for this deficiency and to develop his abilities to the maximum.



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