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key things everyone needs to know to live successfully

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Life is too short. We all as humans need to learn to know that life is too short and not as long as we think. No one in many generations past lived 100s of years. The very moment we are born to planet Earth, our days are almost numbered and we must get this into our skulls while we learn to be humble and accommodating.


Live life with passion and purpose.

Point one above leads to point two. Learning about the fact that life is short enables us to live our lives as humans purposefully and with great passion. Living a life full of passion breeds genuine love and when mankind begin to have in them this genuine love, insecurity will not exist hence peace and harmony will prevail.


Don’t let anger control you.

Anger, which I see as punishing oneself because of the wrong action of the other can be damning. I have always stated and will state again that, don’t make decisions when you are angry. Anger comes with fire and remember, fire always consumes. Watch your anger pals.


Don’t let hatred breed in your heart.

Hatred, just like anger breeds wickedness and that will bring out nothing but regret. If we all try to tolerate, at times the unnecessary stuff of others, hatred would be nowhere or minimal in the world. The spirit of hatred is just like witchcraft and must be avoided at all cost. You can always hate the actions and reactions of people but you can’t hate the people. It’s dangerous and seriously distasteful to say you hate someone. One thing is, we all have what others don’t like in us and should everyone begins to hate because of such, what happens? Let love lead pals.


Don’t let negativity be the order of your day.

Harbouring negative thoughts help no one. If you have negative thoughts always, you cannot progress because you will be busily competing with others in your mind instead of doing real work to help society. you are worth more than you think. Negative thoughts only show that you are enslaved in the mind.


Keep your heart guided in the right direction. Go for what your heart desires especially if it’s not unlawful. Follow your heart in all circumstances. It will give you peace of mind pals.


Seek the Almighty’s help constantly to purify your heart! With all the above, one must always remember Jehovah in his or her dealings. With God, all things are possible.

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