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Record what you do on Android from your computer with this app


Being a ‘youtuber’ or blogger is more serious than it might seem at first. Their mastery of social media and their ability to engage audiences has put them in the crosshairs of many companies.

The youtuber or the blogger are some of the occupations that have been born on the Internet and that have become something more serious than they seemed at first. They are not part of the staff of an organization, unlike the community manager, the mobile internet specialist or the search engine expert, other of the professions that the internet has brought. They usually act as freelancers and have known how to professionalize their use of social networks.

It is a phenomenon that has developed thanks to social media. The possibility of creating audiences and of getting a loyal audience that consumes, interacts and even participates in the creation of content has been democratized. Behind these professionals there is a lot of work and a lot of technique. You might need to mirror iPhone to PC, edit your videos, add effects, add soundtracks, and many more.

But contrary to what happens with more traditional jobs, there is no college degree that trains you to be a YouTube or Instagram professional. To professionalize this activity, it is essential to have a considerable fan base and constantly publish original content appropriate to each social network. Today’s profile is much more complete and we meet experts in marketing. They have been able to create and sell their own personal brand. You have to make good content and learn about analytics and positioning on the internet.

With the passage of time, companies have realized their ability to humanize messages and attract the audience, so they have started to go to them to promote their products. This is how some have gone a step further and in addition to being youtubers or bloggers, they work as influencers, people with notoriety on the Internet who can become prescribers of a brand. That’s where the real business begins.

The need for the latest technology

Every profession should be taken seriously, as well as if you choose to become a youtuber. Becoming a youtuber, just like any other profession, requires sacrifice. The sacrifice in question can be manifested in several forms, one of which is the willingness to continuously update the tools used.  You may have to spend some money to make sure every piece of content you produce is really high quality. You can’t just rely on free tools. For example, you need to master how to mirror iPhone to computer and that’s not totally free.

Recording is the main activity of a youtuber

YouTube is a video streaming platform and of course to become a good youtuber you need to have the ability to record professionally. There is no tolerance for that. You must be able to record well otherwise your channel will not be seen by many people. Most smartphones in circulation today can record quite well but unfortunately, they still have their limitations, one of the most striking is the fact that their screens are too small.

There may be situations where you need to record the moments on your Android screen to create a video tutorial for your YouTube channel or some game videos for your device that you may need to send to your friend or something like that only. There may be several reasons why you need to record the Android screen, but since Apple does not offer support for any such application that can help you perform this task, as some applications can do it on Android, you will not be able to do it directly on the device.

Recording the computer screen is a possibility that opened the door to infinite content that can be generated from there. From tutorials to video game recording they have become popular thanks to this feature. Also, taking a screen recording is quite easy with the tools available.

However, what if what you want is to record the mobile screen? Here we will present a tool with which you can do it to record any process on your device, through the MirrorGo Android Recorder app.

Record your mobile screen

MirrorGo Android Recorder is an application that offers the possibility of recording on video from the computer, the actions you execute on your Android. In this way, you can record tutorials, games, or demonstrations of your applications in a very simple way directly on your computer. The application is responsible for generating a connection between both devices, in order to project the smartphone screen on the computer.

This program can be used for all applications of our mobile device. Unlike other emulators, by downloading MirrorGo for free we can simply take control of our device with the keyboard and mouse by simply connecting it with a USB cable. Now youtubers and streamers will be very grateful to this wonderful application that will allow them to record their screen very easily and in high definition. It offers us a very comfortable and simple interface as if you were playing on the same smartphone, only with a bigger screen and with better quality, also counting that we can use the mouse and keyboard to move around the application.

To start the recording process, you must download and install the app. After installing all the necessary packages, the application will ask you to select between WiFi and USB as means of connection with the computer. Once the connection is established, it is only a matter of clicking on the icon that shows a video camera to start recording the screen.

The process is extremely simple and in a matter of minutes, you can start recording your actions on Android. The best thing is the possibility of a WiFi connection that provides superior maneuverability. It should be noted that the application is free and you can record the number of videos that your computer’s storage allows.

Wondershare MirrorGo is the answer for every beginner YouTuber who craves a tool good enough to record and produce quality content. Hopefully this article was useful for you. Thanks for reading!

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