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Top 5 Ways to Secretly Track iPhone without Jailbreak


Parents are always concerned on what their children are doing with on their iPhones. This is because of the threats attributed to the internet. As a result, parents are considering to secretly monitoring their children’s iPhone. This helps them know what their children are doing over the internet. 

Interestingly, no one will know that they are being monitored. Couples can also use tracking applications if their spouses are using iOS powered devices. This allows them to monitor their location, browser history and any content stored on their iPhones.

1. Aispyer For iOS

1.1 Aispyer for iOS is a track iPhone application. You can simply choose Aispyer for iOS and secretly read all data of the target iOS device. Aispyer for iOS software is a desktop program and you can download and use it on the Mac and windows operating system devise. This track iPhone application can easily detect all types of data of the target phone with a backup on your computer. 

1.2 Key Features:

  • You can easily access the browsing history of the target iOS device. Therefore, you can constantly monitor the content your children are accessing.
  • Aispyer For iOS allows you to retrieve any message on the device. It can be sent, received or even deleted message.
  • This application allows you to monitor calls records. This entails contact name, duration of the call and the date. 
  • The interface of this tracking application is easy to use for everyone. 
  • You can also check out videos and pictures inside the targeted iPhone.
  • You can view the social media apps data of the target phone as well.   

1.3 How to secretly track iPhone without jailbreak:

  • Start by visiting Aispyer official website and create an account. Log in if you have an existing account. Log in and choose a plan you will use. Each plan allows you a different timeline access. 
  • After selecting the subscription plan you need to download and install the Aispyer for iOS on the computer. Make sure that you have backup of the target iPhone or any iOS devices on your computer to track the target phone’s data. 

Once you have installed the Aispyer for iOS on the computer you can easily view all the data of target phone and check the personal information of the target iOS devices. The program will automatically detect the data backed up on the computer. 

2. Different Types of Applications that can be used to track iPhones without Jailbreak

There are other different applications you can use to secretly track iphones. Below are some of them:

2.1 mSpy

This is one of the oldest track iPhone application used by individuals. MSpy supports different iOS versions. You can monitor browsing history of the device being monitored. You will also be in a position to check out text messages, contacts and calls. MSpy also allows you to monitor any installed application on the monitored application.  


  • Many individuals have an easy time installing and using mSpy application
  • You can use it to block applications if you have children.
  • You can access all videos and picture saved on the tracked iPhone.


  • It lacks frequent updates.

2.2 KidsGuard Pro:

This application doesn’t require jailbreak when operating. It is also known for its instant feedback when an action is being undertaken on the monitored phone. Hence, you can monitor what is being done at any given time. KidsGuard pro doesn’t require any jailbreak. You can also use it to spy your children or spouse without them knowing. 

KidsGuard pro grants you access to pictures and videos stored on then tracked phone. You can also monitor call logs, messages and contacts saved on the phone. This application also grants you access to installed messaging applications and browsing history.


  • There are regular device updates.
  • Browser history is up to date. 


  • Location updates might be inaccurate at times. 

2.3 uMobix:

This tracking application is known for its instant updates on iPhones that are being tracked. Also, a large percentage of individuals find uMobix easy to use. You can access received calls, dialed calls or even missed calls on the tracked iPhone. UMobix is advanced in that you can recover deleted call logs. This application also grants you access to messages and contacts. 

You are also in a position to check bookmarks in a browser and its history. uMobix also has different plans to choose from. 


  • You can recover deleted call logs
  • Deleted messages can also be recovered.
  • It has an easy to use interface.


  • The application version is still outdated.

2.4 iKeyMonitor:

This application can monitor an individual’s phone without their knowledge. Hence, it’s good if you don’t want anyone to know you can check their pictures and videos saved on phone. You can also be in a position to check an individual’s calendar and notes. IKeymonitor also grants you the opportunity of monitoring the location of the person being tracked. 


  • Its free plan can extend for lifetime
  • It is efficient in executing tracking services silently


  • It doesn’t have application blocking feature.

Don’t be stressed on what your spouse or children are doing on their iPhones. Simply acquire tracking applications without jailbreak and be good to go. Aispyer is one of the top applications you should consider for monitoring your spouse or child.

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