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Have You Adapted the Data-Driven Approach in Your Maintenance Services?

Data driven approach in maintenance services


Managing databases of maintenance operations is a pivotal requirement for any organization that offers maintenance and repair services. Manual methods of tracking and record-keeping require putting in extensive effort and time, yet the discrepancies in data are common.

Data-keeping through manual methods or low-profile non-industry-specific technology techniques renders challenges around real-time access to data, data collaboration, auto-syncing of data, information security, accuracy, and transparency in records, etc.

Whether a small-scale organization or a big organization, it is important for businesses to use high-end maintenance management software suites that are powered with technologies like automation and artificial intelligence, and also have data mining capacities.

What is the advantage of having Maintenance Management software?

Maintenance management software suites make data functional and provide very sturdy and data-driven support to the operational processes. This support eases down the field operational challenges and makes service-delivery a more streamlined and seamless process. Manufacturing units, facilities, HVAC, home care, or any maintenance service providers can use these software suites.

The software enables businesses to utilize data more collectively and relatively because it functions as one comprehensive platform to manage different field operations such as work scheduling, route planning, data keeping and sharing, communication, etc. So, it records data at different touchpoints.

Then the inbuilt modules and features of the software, apply data mining and automation technology to effectively utilize the organizational data to render the maintenance services in a much sophisticated and timely manner.

Some examples sitting the benefits of data-power propagated by maintenance management software

  • The software uses GPS data to identify the location proximities of the available technicians to a job site and, assign the tasks to the nearest available technician.
  • The software can track the productivity of the field technicians based on their first-visit effectiveness, or time tenure for troubleshooting a problem, or the number of successful cases, the no. of follow-up trips, and various other parameters. Using this performance tracing data, it can assess the skills of the technician and accordingly assign them the tasks.
  • The software functions as a maintenance tracking software and can assess the service history of the equipment and proactively schedule preventive maintenance.
  • Using the software, the inventory records can be accessed to check the availability of spare parts needed for a particular maintenance operation.

What are the other functionalities of Maintenance maintenance software?

It functions as a comprehensive maintenance work-order software that offers end-to-end solutions to enhance the efficiency of maintenance services.

It helps with preventive and predictive maintenance, scheduling/planning of maintenance jobs, vendor management, work order management, data collaboration, inventory control, budgeting, asset tracking, reporting and documentation, invoices and payment, data analysis, and others.

The software imbibes complete or controlled automation capacities into these processes and enhances the productivity of the workforce.

For instance, it can automate and standardized communication, such as it can send automated reminders, notifications, or updates to field workers, customers, and other stakeholders.


The biggest gain of using maintenance management software is that it facilitates a data-driven culture into the managing of operations, and thus enable the management to make better and informed decisions such as repair costs estimates for a machine breakdown or estimating the schedules for preventive maintenance or performance analysis of the workforce or tracking the business trends, etc.

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