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Enjoy the Camera of Redmi 9 Pro and Go Viral with Every Picture You Share

Redmi 9 Pro & Photo Features


Redmi 9 Pro is the latest addition to the sought after Note series from Xiaomi. The brand enjoys a sustained demand in the Indian smartphone market on account of competitive price and powerful specifications. The newest launch is also no different.

This 6GB RAM phone is proclaimed by Xiaomi as a “performance beast” due to its impressive specs. The handset comes with 5020mAh battery, Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC and quad-camera setup of 48MP. The deal becomes all the more compelling owing to its price starting from around Rs.14,000. However, the feature that particularly stands out is its camera.

Here are a few things one should know about Redmi 9 Pro cameras –

  • Quad-camera on the rear

This phone has four cameras, arranged in the same manner on the black square at the rear. The positioning of these cameras remains exactly the same as seen in Redmi Note 9S and Note 8T. The first among them is an ultra-wide snapper followed by a primary camera, macro camera, and finally a depth sensor.

The main camera is endowed with a 64MP sensor, and resultant image output is 16MP after pixel binning. On the other hand, 119-degree ultrawide-angle comes with 8MP sensor, which can automatically correct distortions. One unique feature is the availability of Autofocus within 5MP macro camera. It is usually not present in these types of snappers.

  • Quality of image

The sharp images come at a default of 16MP, with accurate colours and great dynamic range. Given the budget of this smartphone, these cameras are overqualified. The viewfinder in the main camera provides 2X zoom option, and this function is carried out digitally. Moreover, 8MP camera captures enhanced ultra-wide photos with good contrast, great detail and more than average dynamic range.

  • Selfie camera

Even though the selfies may not be quite sharp due to a 16MP sensor and Quad-Bayer filter, these photos come with good colours and contrast. HDR works decently as well. If you are a selfie-buff, know that the front camera is equipped with competent subject isolation.

  • Video recording

The 4K videos through this smartphone fare average on detail, but overall quality is quite good due to decent contrast, colour, and dynamic range. Moreover, only an overly aggressive noise can be discerned in video, otherwise, there is not much noise.

One can see nice detailing in 1080 clips at 30fps. 2X zoom videos would also look great at 1080p.

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Redmi 9 Pro is a fantastic option you want a smartphone which is equipped to capture outstanding pictures, even in a novice hand. It might just be the thing which would make pictures go viral without too much effort.

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