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Vlog Video Editor: Edit Vlogs in 3 Minutes


Video game tests, beauty tutorials, recipes, travel blogs, unboxings and movie reviews are some of the contents that flood the network daily. However, the path of a vlogger or youtuber to consolidation can be quite complex and only a handful of faces stand out among the ocean of proposals worldwide.

Vlog: The fusion between video and blog

The word vlog arises from the fusion between video and blog. That said, you are surely wondering … what is a vlog? As you may have imagined, so-called vlogs are blogs in video format. But do you know how a vlog can help you grow your business? In this post you will find the answer, as well as the necessary information so that both you and your company can start a content strategy in video format and get the most out of it. Let us begin!

What is a vlog?

A blog or blog post is a type of written content that is shared on the internet, usually on a regular basis and that deals with a specific topic. That is, the page you are on right now. For their part, vlogs are pages that merge the text format with the video format. In the beginning, vlogs were those videos that were included within the texts published in blogs, but over time and with the rise of platforms such as YouTube, a vlog is no longer an extra for written content, it is the main piece!

Content creators often use vlogs to give information, show their life, opinion, thoughts … One of the greatest advantages of video blogging is the closeness and level of personification you can achieve with your audience.

How to start a vlog?

Vlogging, as it usually refers to creating vlogs, seems like a simple thing, but there are some points that you should define before jumping into the pool:

On what platform are you going to share your content?

It is not necessary to limit yourself to just one of them, but, for this format, the one that works best is YouTube, followed by Facebook. With the creation of YouTube in 2005, the popularity of video blogging began to rise, as anyone could upload content to the network from their home for free.

Do you have the right equipment?

For the recording of your videos, the two most important elements are the camera you will use and the microphone. As with written content, the easier you make it for the user and the better their experience when viewing your content, the more likely they will return to it.

Ideas for your vlog

Here are 5 interesting vlog themes that you can use:

  1. Personal Vlog

Personal vlogs usually have random content in each video. Most of them contain content of everyday life that is comedy or opinions from the vloger’s point of view about something that is currently viral.

  1. Beauty Vlog

The theme of this vlog is indeed mostly dominated by women. The idea is to talk about beauty. For those of you who like to make up yourself, this idea is highly recommended. You can make videos about makeup tutorials, reviews of super cheap cosmetic tools, facial care, or other beauty tips. You don’t have to be pretty to be a beauty vloger. What you need is the ability to narrate everything about makeup. However this profession is not limited to women. If you are a man and have good makeup skills, why not?

  1. Fashion Vlog

Do you like to collect branded clothes, bags, shoes and watches? You might be a good fit to be a fashion vloger. You don’t have to be a designer or a model. If you are good at combining your clothes or fashion items, and know tips for choosing quality fashion items, this vlog theme is the best.

  1. Travel Vlog

With this idea, you can provide information about cheap ticket prices, cheap lodging, alternative vehicles, or world paradises that haven’t been seen by many eyes. You can share the natural beauty of the places you visit through your vlog.

  1. Food Vlog

Food vlogs are the right choice for those of you who like to eat while vlogging. Being a food vloger, you only need to give advice about special foods. Segment your target audience. Don’t cover the culinary world in general.

How to edit a vlog?

Basically you just need to record your moment as best you can and then use a video editor to edit it, making it a lot better. There are many tools for that but if you are a beginner with a limited budget, Wondershare Filmii is probably the best choice.

Wondershare Filmii offers a variety of interesting templates that are easy to apply to your videos. You can choose a template that best suits your vlog. There are many options for that!

Not only templates, Wondershare Filmii also provides various effects to add. Your vlog will definitely look much more attractive after editing. Wondershare Filmii works really fast to edit your videos. The templates provided basically have certain effects applied so if you want you can edit your vlog in just about 3 minutes!

Steps in editing your vlog with Wondershare Filmii:

  1. Drag and drop your video. Let Filmii’s AI technology detect your video.
  2. Edit your video with various effects. You can also add images, background music, text, etc.
  3. Select the template you want. Adjust the screen ratio depending on where you want to upload your vlog.


To become a vloger, you have to prepare everything. First of all, of course, ideas. Ideas are the most important pillars before proceeding with the other stages. The next step is planning to use a proper video editor. As a busy vloger, vlog editing should be done quickly. For that you need Wondershare Filmii, a super fast video editor because it is powered by AI technology. With Wondershare Filmii, you can even edit your vlog in just 3 minutes!

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