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Ways To Focus On Common Mistakes Related To Bandit Signs And Avoiding The Same

If you are dealing with bandit signs, you are practically aiming for that guerrilla marketing tactic.


If you are dealing with bandit signs, you are practically aiming for that guerrilla marketing tactic. This form of marketing has actually gained pretty hardcore popularity as both a controversial and innovative advertising method. It is widely gaining popularity in the real estate sector. Quite similar to the billboards, these signs comprise text on the corrugated plastic, and that will remain secured by stakes to the grassy yards. These bandit signs will offer some of the major advantages for real estate investors and will include a wide range of exposure.

Some signs do stick out:

There are loads of options associated with bandit sign campaigns and a whole lot of mistakes that naïve people make. Approaching with a well-devised plan is always important, and neglecting the same can cause you a costly mistake. For understanding the right way to commence one such bandit sign campaign, it is vital to learn more about the mistakes first and then try to avoid them completely.

  • Not tracking down the leads:

One major mistake that you can make with the bandit sign is not tracking leads. As the entire purpose of the billboards is to generate some major incoming leads and then starting to build upon them, it is vital to not let go of the efforts down the drain. Utilizing one major intake system can always assist in streamlining the incoming inquiries.

It is also quite important to keep proper track of the kind of lead the caller falls for. There are some signs, which will generate a larger number of short-sale leads, and then you have others for generating other kinds of leads.

  • Proper use of any background photo:

You must know that adding up an accent picture like the headshot or the home to the sign can increase the interest level of the potential buyers, and that will include brand recognition. By using some quality stakes, signs, and posts, you can improve the value of the signs even more. Be sure to take pride in the signs you have made, and your potential customers won’t take time to notice you.

  • The wrong color and size of the signs:

One significant mistake that people usually make with the bandit sign campaign is selecting the wrong color and size. Smaller displays are pretty hard to read and are likely to be ignored by traffic. Then you have the larger signs, which are too distracting and can lead to people taking it down. So, your main goal over here is to stand out from the crowd.

The ideal size is around 18 x 24 or bigger than that. Anything, which is smaller than this size, will not be visible from the road. Moreover, the signs must have dark and bold coloring. Some experts will further use a sizing chart for determining the right size of the font.

So, be sure to get along with experts if you want to avoid the mistakes for the best upcoming bandit sign campaign. They are more than ready to help.



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