Ten Tech Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Tech Hacks


Technology has now become an essential of the lives of many people. It has incorporated how people manage their lives either for personal, work, or other aspects of their lives. You can easily connect with friends despite the distance, and you can check other parts of the world without even leaving your room. As you turn technology as your greatest ally, here are some tech hacks you can try to turn things more comfortable in your everyday life.


Tech Hacks That Will Help Your Everyday Life Less Complicated


  1. Clear Cache On Your Phone


Reaching your phone’s full memory capacity is a user’s nightmare, especially if you cannot locate what is holding your device’s memory. Before you know how to clear the cache, you should know that a lot of your phone’s memory is used as a cache, which needs to be deleted from time to time. This tech hack not only gives you a little more space to store your important files but also improves your phone’s performance.


Clearing your gadget’s cache memory is easy. Turn off your mobile device first, then press and hold the power button and the volume down at the same time. Once your phone starts and the brand logo comes into the display, release both buttons. Your phone will then reboot and enter recovery mode. You can click on the clear cache option and press confirm. It will then wipe your cache memory and restart your phone.


  1. Transfer of Contacts


Having a new phone is much fun until you come in the dreaded part of transferring your contacts from an old phone to your new phone. While some smartphone manufacturers have already made it easier for new users, some still struggle in doing it. Unless you save your contacts in the cloud, you may have a hard time transferring it.

To help you with this, you can do a tech hack, which will make it easier. First, you need to go to the Contacts Manager page of your old phone’s dialer. Then, click on the Import/Export option, which will lead you to see two options, ‘Import from .vcf file’ and ‘Export to .vcf file.’ After this, choose and click the second option and export it in your phone’s internal storage. The file has all of your contacts, which you can quickly transfer to your new phone.


  1. Save Photos From Instagram


Social media has become of the most used app by many people in the world. Many are using can be found using their various app. Instagram is probably the most well-known social media channel for its photo and sharing capabilities.

With Instagram, you can share many of your memories through its channel and stories. While you can future proof your Instagram stories and get to save it on your phone, your photos shared in the channel cannot be kept back on your phone. This tech hack allows you to do the saving of your images while in its original format.

To do this tech hack, you need a browser where you can open Instagram’s official website. The next step is to open the image you want to save, then click on the post options. After you do this, you need to click and select the View Page Source option, then press Ctrl/command+F. Afterward, type .jpg in the search bar. Find the code that starts with ‘https://Instagram’ up to ‘.jpg’ and paste in a new tab. Once done, do a right-click on the image and download it in its original format. You can do the same for videos by changing .jpg to .mp4 instead.


  1. Smartphone Protection Without Using An Antivirus


It is a wise move to have an antivirus on your phone as it adds another protective layer of security to your mobile devices or smartphone. However, if you cannot decide yet on which antivirus to get for your phone or have a hard time installing one on your mobile devices, you can do several tech hacks so any malware and viruses cannot infect your smartphone.


To protect your phone from any infection without an antivirus, download apps only from trustworthy sources. You also need to keep tabs on your app permissions and do not click on any suspicious links. It is also wise to always keep your phone up to date on the latest software. Refrain as well from connecting in an insecure Wi-Fi connection.


  1. Stop Anyone From Using Your Wi-Fi Connection


It isn’t delightful to have slow browsing with your Wi-Fi connection. While this is mostly due to your service provider, you can do a tech hack and check for an unauthorized Wi-Fi service connection.


You can quickly check on your browser to ensure that no one is taking advantage of your connection with your permission. This tech hack is accessible by opening your browser on any device connected to your Wi-Fi connection. Type on the browser that will take you to your modem’s settings page. Click on the active client table and it will show you all the names ofdevices connected to your network. If you find an unfamiliar gadget, change your Wi-Fi password immediately.


  1. Play YouTube Music In The Background Even Without A Premium Account


It is hard to imagine the internet era without YouTube. It has become the haven for any video related content and music. Many kinds of music are found in this platform, and even those are hard to find in other music platforms like Spotify. However, YouTube has a limitation. It will not allow you to play music in the background.

Fortunately, you can do this easily by this simple tech hack. It would be best if you had a Mozilla Firefox browser installed on your computer. Browse the official website of YouTube on the browser, look for your favorite music. After you’re done playing it, you can now go to your home screen, and your chosen genre of music on YouTube will still play in the background.

  1. Self-destructing Emails

Emails are the usual target by cybercriminals in doing their ill works. It can also be their source of confidential information from your end. Over the years, Google keeps on making new features to ensure the safety of its users. Not just that, this tech hack feature also lets you set expiration time along with a passcode to open the email. To use this feature, look for a ‘turn confidential mode on/off’ button before sending your email.

  1. Expand Your Desktop

If you are using either Windows or macOS, you can expand your desktop as both OS support multiple desktops. That allows you to widen your desktop, and you do not have to cram all your window into one space. This tech hack gives you a different monitor setup, yet you do not have to shell out an additional budget for additional hardware.


  1. The Use Of Voice For Dictation And Commands


You might have been familiar with Siri or Google’s Alexa to do things using voice commands, but you can also do it on your Windows or macOS computer. You can search for ‘windows speech recognition’ at the Window Start menu or look for Dictation under Keyboard in your macOS’ System Preferences. The use of voice can be used in any place in your computer where you can type any text. It will save some time and make you come up with a document faster.

  1. Organized Email Subscriptions

If you like subscribing to newsletters yet hate the clutter it gives your inbox, there is a neat way or a tech hack to organize your subscriptions if you use a Gmail account.

When submitting your email address, you can turn it into a new address that still goes to the same inbox you are using, but now you can easily use folders to segment these email subscriptions. Start by adding a plus sign and other letters on your email address. For example, if your email address is abcd@gmail.com, it will be turned into – abcd+subs@gmail.com. You will still receive all of your email subscriptions; however, it will be much more organized and will not make a clutter in your inbox.


Final Thoughts


Technology can be your greatest ally to make your life easier and less complicated. However, as it continues to grow and develop, it can make your life mixed up and will leave you lost in its wonders. Doing these tech hacks can make your life much more comfortable while getting the most out of all the technological advances you are using.



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