7 outfit combination ideas you can try for a casual daytime look

Are you headed out and can’t decide what to wear?


Trust me; you are not alone. We all live through this agony. It is never easy to decide what to wear and what not to wear.

Sometimes, it’s a headache. You can’t make a choice no matter how hard you try.

But, what if I say that there is a solution right in front of your eyes and you just can’t see it?

Do I have your attention now?

Ok, I am spilling the beans…

The solution is ‘outfit combinations.’

There. Now you know it.

Yes! The solution was so simple. Take a shirt from the left side, a pant from the right side, throw in an accessory, and you’re ready to step out and sway the onlookers.

Fret not. I won’t leave you in the lurch. Now that you’re here, I will make sure that you never find yourself in the predicament of ‘what to wear?’

In this blog, I have got some outfit combination ideas that you can try for a casual and chic daytime look.

Let’s jump right into it.

  • White shirt + Jeans

Probably something that you have often seen people wear or may have worn it yourself. 

This combination never fails to work out, no matter where you are.

The trick is to pair your plain white t-shirt with a pant. Spice it up with some cute jewelry, like lots of necklaces and bracelets, hang a bag around yourself, and there you go. You have your perfect day time look.

On top of that, wear a cute pair of shoes or slippers. It will add to the beauty of your ensemble.


  • Black shirt + Black pant

Alright, we all know that you can never go wrong with black. It is a color that you can wear any time for any event, and you will look smokin’ hot 10/10 times.


That takes us to our second outfit combination idea; black shirt and black pants. Go full black and show off your fashion sense.

Almost everyone has a plain black tee in their wardrobe, or maybe a black shirt with something written on it, like “mood” or some cute little design made on it. Both work perfectly as long as the shirts are black.

Next, grab your black pant to pair it up with your black tee, and there you go, the second outfit combination is ready.

Again, wear some jewelry (necklaces, preferably), and you’ll have yourself another cute casual outfit for the daytime.

  • A shirt + a leather jacket + jeans

A shirt + a leather jacket + jeans = the perfect outfit combination

Leather jackets are a classic, and the best thing about leather jackets is that they never disappoint.

Have you ever seen someone not looking hot while wearing a leather jacket? No!


You might think that it’s a bit too much for a casual outfit, but you can casually wear a leather jacket by pairing it with a white tee and a pair of beautiful pants.

Put on a white t-shirt, pair it with denim jeans or palazzo pants, and wear a sleek black leather jacket on top. Oh! What a dazzling look that is.

Hey, wait.

Want to add a splash of color to your outfit?

Keep the white t-shirt and palazzo, but replace the black leather jacket with a maroon or a blue leather jacket.

The best part about this combination? You can rock it anywhere, at any time.

  • Oversized shirt + jeans

Who doesn’t love oversized shirts? Not only are they supremely comfortable, but they make you look like an absolute fashionista!


You may have been using an oversized shirt as something you wear when you go to sleep; after all, they are so comfortable.

Wear that comfortable shirt and pull it off with jeans, some cute jewelry, and any shoes you think would suit, and there you go, another casual plus rocking outfit.

  • Hoodies + Jeans

On days, you feel too lazy to dress up.

Getting into the wardrobe, choosing an outfit, and changing into them feels too much of an effort, especially in winters.

I mean, obviously, who would want to change when it is so cold. I can’t even get out of my cozy blanket, let alone change into something else.


In times like this, what you can do is wear pants – blue, white, black, whichever – with the hoodie that you already are wearing, along with some cute boots.

That’s it, you’ve pulled off another spectacular daytime outfit.

  • Shirt + Skirt

Nothing can beat a classic skirt. Grab a long skirt – plain, polka dots, or any other design – and wear it with a white shirt for a simple and chic look.


On the one hand, you get to be stylish while wearing something casual; on the other hand, skirts are very comfortable to wear. What more would you want while going out in the daytime? 

Keep yourself comfortable while staying fashionable.

  • Crop Top + Sweatpants

Do you have a crop top? Grab it.

Do you have some sweatpants? Grab it.

Now, pair them together and stand in front of the mirror.

Do you marvel at the combination? Watch how comfortable and cute they look. I mean, two simple clothing items, coming together and turning into a dazzling outfit. 


Crop top and sweatpants will help you turn heads while also being comfortable and doing all your work – easy peasy.

Final thoughts

Now you have seven outfit combinations that you can wear casually – whether you are going to the office or hanging out with your friends. 

To make your ensemble even prettier, just put on some jewelry, and you are ready to go.

I hope this blog helped and guided you in your search for the perfect casual outfit for the daytime. I can completely understand the struggle of finding the right outfit that doesn’t make you look weird, is comfortable and casual.

Well, that’s all I have for you. Now go and grab clothes from your wardrobe, style them together, and pull it off.

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