7 Everyday Activities That Will Help You Lose Weight

What do you do when you want to lose weight and you hate exercise?


Some of us enjoy exercising and others simply hate it. We’re all different and that’s OK. However, when it comes to losing weight the only technique that actually works is exercise and physical activities.

So, what do you do when you want to lose weight and you hate exercise? Don’t worry, you’re not a lost cause. 

Did you know that just by doing everyday activities such as cooking, house cleaning, and walking you can burn plenty of calories? Yes, it’s a fact. You can burn calories without exercise. Just go about your day doing usual daily chores and tasks and you can lose weight. 

If you want to find out which everyday activities can help you burn calories and thus lose weight, then keep on reading.

Walk instead of using transport

The easiest and fastest way to get to a wanted destination is by using some sort of transport. However, if your goal is to lose some weight then you should try to walk to your destination and completely avoid using transport.

Yes, sometimes the weather won’t be ideal for walking but when you see the opportunity and the weather is ok – don’t miss the chance to walk! Walk whenever you can, to and from work, to a grocery store, take a walk in the evenings as well. 

You can approximately lose 100 calories per mile if your weight is somewhere around 180 pounds. When it comes to calorie burning, the two biggest factors are your weight and the distance you’re walking, the speed doesn’t factor in much.

Activities like walking not only help you burn calories but it also allows you to spend time out in the fresh air. Plus, you’ll be improving the environment by not using a car or public transport. 

Ride a bike wherever you can

Just like ditching transport can help you lose weight, so can investing in a bicycle. Walking to the desired destination is great, but then again, some of us live in remote places and the only way to get somewhere is by using transport. 

There is a solution for that too. If you can’t go on foot, go by bike. Cycling is the cheapest and most convenient form of transport, especially in very crowded cities. Plus, it burns plenty of calories. 

If you’re looking for a bike that will suit your needs you’ll need to find a good bicycle shop. A good bicycle shop will be able to offer you a wide range of all kinds of bicycles as well as bicycle parts and accessories. 


If you thought that the gym is the only place where you can effectively lose weight, then you’re sorely mistaken. Your own house is also a great place to burn some calories. It might not have a treadmill and other machines but it has windows, floors, and other corners that need to be cleaned. 

That’s right, those house chores and task that you hate so much like vacuuming carpets and washing floors, and many other chores, can be a great way to lose weight. Put some music on, take a mop, and start exercising and cleaning. 

Keep up the good work of making your home squicky clean and shiny and you’ll see how the weight is going down.

Go grocery shopping

You already do this regularly, don’t you? But did you know that it was helping you lose weight?

Pushing and maneuvering a heavy shopping cart is not at all an easy job. And by the time you get to the checkout counter, you’ve probably worked up a sweat. This only means that you’ve managed to burn some calories.

Similarly, carrying a basket through the market can practically be in the same range as lifting weights. You’re actively burning calories and hopefully buying some healthy foods.

So, the next time you don’t feel like going to the supermarket, think again cause it can be a great workout!

Don’t skip breakfast

While we’re mentioning food, let’s discuss breakfast. Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is truth to it. 

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, right after your overnight fasting period. It boosts your energy levels and starts your metabolism after it’s been on a break during the night. And metabolism is responsible for burning calories, so waking up your metabolism in the morning is important.

The food that we eat for breakfast is supposed to provide our body with important nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin B, and so on.

Skipping breakfast can lead to unwanted health issues such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and many others. So, don’t go skipping breakfast if you want to lose weight!

Ditch the elevator

Do you live in a building that has both the elevator and the stairs? Which do you use more, stairs or elevator? Your answer would most likely be an elevator. Similarly, your office building probably has an elevator you use every day, and the stairs are probably the last thing you would use.

Well, if you plan to lose some weight, it’s time to ditch the elevator and start using the good old stairs.

Stairs are great calorie burners, especially if you start using them several times a day. You’ll see, in no time the weight will start going down, just don’t let the laziness beat you!

Play with your children

Do you have a habit of taking your kids to a park or playground and then spending the time there sitting on a bench watching them play? If that’s the case, it’s time to change this habit.

You too can wake up your inner child and start playing with your kids. Have them chase you or vice versa, play hide and seek with them, help them on a swing – simply join them and you’ll be burning calories left and right. 


As you can see, all of these mundane everyday activities can help you lose weight. Physical activities are important not only to lose weight but as a way to lower the chances of chronic health conditions. Without knowing, you are physically active most of the day. However, if your goal is to lose weight, you can do more each day just by slightly changing those everyday habits.

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