How to resolve Code 19 Error in Windows 10


Code 19 error in Windows 10 is a kind of hardware error. This error mostly appears when the registry files get damaged. But there can be various other reasons which can lead to this error. Some people get this error when the device manager like a DVD drive, USB devices are showing the error. When the error appears, you will get the error that Windows cannot start the hardware device due to broken registry files. For fixing the error, you need to uninstall or reinstall the hardware device.

Troubleshooting Code 19 error in Windows 10:

Restart your device

Some errors can appear due to a runtime error. A simple restart can fix the error. When you see the error, close the error wizard and shut down the PC. Restart the PC and check the error. if the error is appearing due to a temporary problem then it will get fixed by restarting the device.

Repair the registry files

Repairing the registry files manually is difficult as a simple mistake can corrupt other files. If you are repairing the corrupted registry files then you should create the backup for error and then edit the file. If you don’t know the manual steps for repairing the registry files then you should ask for technical help.

Run a malware scan

Sometimes malware infests the files which are necessary for running the driver tools. Malware not only steals the data from the PC but can also corrupt your process. Running a malware scan may help to fix the error. When the code 19 error appears, run a system scan. The system scan will take some complete. When the device scan completes, restart the PC. Now try to run a device driver. 

Undo the changes

If the error on your device is occurring due to the changes you have made on your PC then you need to undo the changes. Sometimes users make changes on the device which starts conflicting with the drivers. If you remember the changes then you should immediately revert them. But sometimes users forget the changes. Windows provides a system restore tool which can help you for reverting the changes. Search for System Restore. The system restore tool will start running on your device. Follow the on-screen commands and then enter the restoring point for your device. After completing the commands, your device will get restored. Restart your device and check for the 0x80070015 issue.

Reinstall the drivers

If the error is occurring due to the corrupt device driver then you need to restore the driver. You should check for the update if a new update for the driver is available then install it immediately. You can also use the driver update tool which can update and restore all the drivers on your device. Search for a reliable driver update tool on the internet. Install the driver update tool on your computer. Now run the update tool and follow the on-screen instructions. After restoring the corrupted files, try using device drivers. If the drivers are still giving you issues then you need to reinstall them. Uninstall the driver from your device and reinstall it. Now check whether error 19 gets resolved or not.

Check the iTunes

Windows allows you to use iTunes. But sometimes iTunes can get you into big trouble. Some iTunes files can conflict with your other files and get you into error 19. When the error appears, you should immediately check iTunes. 

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Choose Programs and Features from the control panel
  4. Search for iTunes

Click on iTunes and then hit the repair button. Now follow the on-screen commands for repairing the iTunes files. Restart your PC and check whether your error 19 gets resolved or not.




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