Scale Your Online Business Growth with CGI


These days the marketers are very concerned about their product display on their ecommerce website. The competition is rising, so they always try to focus, which attracts the customer’s attention. Many technologies have evolved, and among them, CGI is one of the most opted technologies for converting your simple photos into real ones.

CGI, generally known as Computer Generated Imagery, has become quite useful to online retailers to show their products on their website. This technology allows marketers to have those photos which are more realistic than real photos. Many retail companies are choosing this over traditional photoshoots with big studios and heavy infrastructure. CGI allows you to pack up the photoshoot in no time, giving you the best results. CGI has the capacity to turn a simple photo into a 3D visualization effect. The online retailing companies that are using CGI have experienced a good customer base and have built many loyal customers, which many other online retailers are not able to. The CGI retail solutions have acted as a bonus for many online retailers for all types of industries like fashion, travel, furniture, cosmetics, automobiles, etc. So, looking at all these positive aspects, many of us have opted for CGI solutions over the traditional photo shoot. CGI driven product images are an ideal solution for your product display as customers can view the product from every angle. This gives a clear image of the product in the mind of the customer.

Following are some of the reasons to use CGI solutions over traditional photoshoot:

  • Accelerating your ecommerce – Displaying 3D visualization products on your website will help the retailers to attract customers and boost their sales. Product imagery plays a huge role in enhancing sales. A clear view of the product from every angle will help the customers to understand and will be able to make their purchasing-decision.
  • Fewer efforts – Traditional photoshoots involve heavy infrastructure with proper lighting. It also requires lots of people to get the right lighting and effects. It wastes a lot of time, effort, and money. CGI does not require all these. CGI has the solution of changing a simple photo into a realistic one with proper effects and lighting without extra effort.
  • Impresses the viewer – The CGI has the capability to transform your images, which will catch the attention of the viewer effortlessly, and this will induce them to buy. For example- if you are into the furniture industry, you can show how you can use that product in your bedroom with different ideas. This will help the customer to imagine properly and will be able to make their mind about the product.
  • Decreases time to market – In the retail market, the marketers have to send the product imagery to the distributors before the final product is ready. CGI here helps to create the product image digitally for marketing purposes. The customers will be able to see your product even before its launch.

Above are some of the reasons to choose CGI and why it has become the first choice of online retailers.

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