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8 Things All Smart People Do When They Look for a New Job


 Looking out for jobs for the first time could be an exciting and confusing period for some. No amount of reading, counselling or thinking can bail you out of the situation. Everybody at some level falls into this trance mode for some time. There is plenty of help from everyone around you, but nothing seems to help. Don’t panic. Read on to track the way towards the right job.

  • They depict honesty. Protect your integrity by being truthful to yourself and to others. Do not try to give a false account of your work in your resume. The interviewers are experts of the industry and can easily catch your lie. Lying will only ruin your chances and put you in an embarrassing situation. Remaining honest helps – only honesty produces natural actions.
  • They tailor their resume. A right resume, focusing on the job that you are applying for, can fetch you the right kind of job. It should be customized to cater to the needs of the job. Do not use a general resume in the job hunt. Highlight the points which may be useful for the targeted job. Make a customized resume for job application.
  • They provide examples. Mention particular examples to answer questions about your experiences to the employer. These examples could be from internships or projects which you might have undertaken in college. Portray a successful story and showcase your skills which made you succeed. Do not fake, instead portray real-life examples which help them trust you for your genuine nature.
  • They retain a relationship with the college. Professional networking comes accompanying with a plethora of benefits. Seek help and advice from the career mentors in your college. Pick up tips for building an effective resume, cover letter and for a successful interview. Remain active in the alumni association. Polish your networking skills to tap onto potential employers. Be visible and get connected with people. Establish your brand and restore relationships.
  • They brush up their communication skills: Undoubtedly, language is essential to put across your thoughts effectively. Your communication skills say a lot about our confidence and personality. It is a must-have for any job. A stuttering candidate is considered weak in an interview. Therefore, you need to have good oral and written communication skills to get into any job.
  • They spread the word:  An effective way to spread the name of your job search is through networking – professionally and socially. Networking with professionals is possible through popular professional portals such as LinkedIn etc. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. can be used to connect with old friends and learn about openings in various organizations. Participation in seminars and conferences is another way to mingle professionally.
  • They work independently: Go for job interviews and attend job fairs alone. Do not let your parents tag along. Approach as many recruiters as you can and give them an impression of being independent and confident.
  • They mind their manners. Greet the interviewer when you enter the meeting room. Smile and listen to their queries before answering. Do not cut them in between sentences. Thank them on completion of the interview. Small gestures define the kind of person you are.

Starting a new job is a difficult development. You will never be more naive about how to give your best when you start, but on the other hand, you will be making lasting first impressions from the start.

Follow the steps for smart people and find balance. Do not lose focus in the process as it might take some time to fetch you satisfactory results.

Keep preparing yourself till you hit the right one.

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