3 Business Benefits of Using K9 Security

3 Business Benefits of Using K9 Security


Does your business need help from someone who is fierce, loyal, and will show up to work daily, without fail? If so, you need a company guard dog.

K9 security isn’t just for airports—it can benefit warehouses, schools, factories, and even offices. A guard dog can be loving and reliable, but they can also provide serious benefits to your business.

To learn more, keep reading to find three major benefits to using canine security to help your small business.

1. Canine Security Is an Effective Deterrent

Have you ever been scared by a large, barking dog? It can be very intimidating when fierce dogs, like German Shepherds, act as guard dogs—and they can also be intimidating to potential thieves.

Unfortunately, burglaries are common for small businesses, with business owners having to pay, on average, $8,000 for every robbery incident. If you want to stop burglars before they can enter your business, one of the best ways to stop them is with K9 security.

Place ‘guard dog’ signs around the perimeter of your building, which will scare away criminals. Then, if they do try to enter anyway, they’ll soon be chased away by your loyal guard dog.

Or, just the loud barks are usually enough to frighten away an intruder.

2. Guard Dogs Can Sniff Out Contraband

Dogs have noses that are thousands of times more sensitive than humans. This makes them a perfect companion to help your business stay safe and avoid contraband.

Dogs can be trained to find explosives, sniff out bombs, drugs, and even certain types of food. If security is key to your business, you may find that placing both a metal detector and a drug-sniffing dog at your entrance is the best way to control who enters each day.

Your dog will need to work and live with an assigned handler, who will work with them during their training to react to whatever smell you want them to seek out.

3. Dogs Help Your Staff Feel Safer

Safety can be a huge issue in workplaces, so you want to be sure your company is as safe as possible for your staff. One way to protect your staff is with guard dogs.

They are intelligent, loyal animals who will fiercely protect your employees each day and warn them in case any outsiders try to enter the premises.

As a result, staff will feel more comfortable in the workplace, making it easier for them to focus on their tasks and stay productive.

Invest in K9 Security for Your Company

Are you ready to try out K9 security for your business? With so many business benefits for your company, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

To get started, start looking for dog training schools or breeders in your area that can provide dogs for sale. A reputable dog trainer can help you find the right breed for your needs and will work with you to train your new dogs appropriately.

Soon, you and your new security dogs will be working together to protect your business.

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