Grab the concept of cost of scaffold and understand the complexity


Do you need to do construction above ground level? Or you have a small repair work at higher parts of the building? Or maybe you just need a window cleaning done? Do you need to get your house painted? Whatever your needs are, you need scaffolding if the workers are expected to work on height. Are you thinking about how much will it cost you? Would you believe if we tell you that calculating the cost of scaffolding is very complex even than drafting the design? But let us give you a rough idea it is going to be an expensive service that will cost you a good amount.  

What is the average cost of scaffolding?

The professional service providers give you an average cost that may vary based on different factors including location, duration, size, complexity, etc. A single scaffold having a 10-meter height will approximately cost £630 per week.


Varying cost of hiring

Like we hinted earlier that there are many factors that influence the scaffolding cost like length, height, levels, and time. Let’s just explain it with an example, if you hire scaffolding for a two-story house it may cost near £880 each week. 


Scaffolding for Terraced house 

Did you know that the cost of scaffolding for a terraced house is less costly? Do you know why? This is because a terraced house requires less scaffolding and may cost you around £310 a week. 

The average cost per day

The scaffolding companies in your area can better suggest the scaffolding cost for a day, a general cost breakdown is between £50 to 155 per day based on the size and complexity of the project.

Factors influencing the scaffolding costs

To calculate the cost of the scaffold, it is important to learn about the factors that affect the cost to help you understand the concept.

Service duration 

The first factor that we are going to talk about today is pretty obvious and simple to understand. The cost will depend upon the duration of the service required. Mostly what happens is that contractors agree to a fixed-rate at the beginning for the period required and if the timeline extends then you will have to pay a weekly rate. 


Price according to location

If you are situated in an expensive city, the scaffolding cost will be higher than in rural areas. This is due to high transportation costs, expensive equipment, high labor rates, etc. If you live in London city, how can you save yourself from the high cost? By hiring small reliable scaffolding companies rather than big companies. 


The higher the scaffold, the more it will cost!

This might be easier to understand, the more the height of scaffolding is needed the more expensive it will be. To build it higher you will need more material thus will incur more cost. 


More levels, more cost!

This is connected to the previous point, the more levels of scaffolding will mean that you will need more material and time to erect the scaffold. 

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