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Back to Public Speaking for a Good Cause


We live in a decade where there are plenty of public speakers. However, few touch our hearts. It will be better to say they hit our mind, spirit, and all with truth so hard that we decide to do something for ourselves. At this point, several speakers do have the power to speak the truth and do better. Alex Mendieta is one of them. He is one of the most admired public speakers, and there are tons of reasons for people to love him. His honesty and unfiltered truth make him way superior to other speakers.

Alex Mendieta started his journey as a young entrepreneur, and that is why his initial speeches were about how one can invest in a career and grow a business and various ways. He wanted to help youth follow their passion. Audiences always admired him, but it took a considerable take off when he said how our society is full of hypocrites in one session.

He stated that even though the leaders make us believe that we have the right to make our opinion on something, it is not. If our idea offends the intention of the lefties, they will pull us down at any cost. It was a moment of success for him as people started respecting and admiring him even more.

Career and Charity

Alex Mendieta had a great time public speaking from 2013 to 2016. He received enough love, admiration, appreciation, and respect from his listeners. During these years, he kept donating all his fees to the clown doctors’ charity. Whenever it comes to charity, Alex Mendieta is a common name. He didn’t stop with the only organization.

During 2016 he decided to end his journey as a public speaker. In a session where he announced he is leaving, also he said that he wants to quit because teaching youth all his techniques and all is nothing but preparing future competitors to make the competition harder. Even with his last speech, he made sure, to tell the truth; that’s what makes him unique.

In the same year, he started two charities on his own. For the first one, he decided to distribute 500 bikes among Vietnamese kids. Giving a child a bike charity helped kids attend school more comfortably because it is hard for them to walk hours for attending school. The second charity is to provide international students with scholarships so that they can go for higher studies.

People were distraught with him leaving. However, after all these years, he said he would start public speaking again in a recent interview with a man’s health. Since he used to donate all his fees to run the charities, his return to the field will help. Not only as a public speaker who never filtrates any word that comes out of his mouth but also as a person with such a big heart who is ready to give all to help others, Alex Mendieta is an inspiration.

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