How To Do Well In The NTSE Exam?


NTSE is a National Talent Search Examination. In India, this is one of the popular Scholarship Programmes. For getting this scholarship, the students need to follow a good preparation strategy. If the ntse exam preparation strategy is well planned then only it’s going to be very effective. So prepare well to outshine in the exam. For getting the success you need to take plenty of NTSE mock tests. The first thing that you need to do is the collection of all the knowledge regarding the syllabus and exam pattern.

Exam and Syllabus-This exam has two stages. The first level comprises the state-level exam. The second comprises the national level exam. In both, the levels two parts or papers are there. They are MAT and SAT. For both the stages the exam pattern is the same. The only difference lies in the level of difficulties in questions. Paper one is Mental Ability Test (MAT). It comprises only an Aptitude test. Total marks are 100 and the number of questions is 100. Paper 2 is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It comprises of Science, Social Science, and Maths. The Syllabus for both stages is the same. It is based on class 9 and class10. This year in some of the states, the application form for stage 1 NTSE has been released through their official website. Those who are meeting the criteria for eligibility can apply ntse exam online.

How to prepare for the MAT?  There are two papers in each stage. You should know the pattern of each paper. This is conducted to know the student’s mental ability to reason, judge, and evaluate in a different orientation. It contains aptitude questions. You need to prepare this section very well. This is very important from the point of view of selection. Students need to give a good amount of time for the preparation of this section. There are a few ways by which you can do well in this part. You should keep on solving the sample questions. But participants should also keep in mind the time. Its management is very crucial. Sometimes we don’t focus on time and as a result of that, we spoil the paper. This part contains the MCQs. It doesn’t carry negative marking. So this helps in scoring well in the exam.

How to prepare for the SAT? In this paper, the student’s reasoning and logical abilities are been judged. For getting a good score in this part you need to refer to NCERT books.  Even it will be good if you go through the general knowledge book. For qualifying for the state level exam you need to qualify both the sections. Students who qualified for this level will move to the second level which is your National Level Exam. You can get ntse exam online Tests for both stages.

General tips- Students need to work hard for this ntse exam preparation. Try to attempt as many as mock tests you can and also try to complete the syllabus. Always evaluate your performance so that you get an idea of where are you lacking. Throughout the whole process, try to keep yourself healthy, calm, and full of confidence.


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