Revised List Of Traffic Violation Penalties In Andhra Pradesh


Violating traffic rules and regulations is a serious offence in our country and it is the responsibility of traffic police to keep a tab on the fact that nobody violates the traffic rules & regulations. A large number of vehicles run on roads, hence to keep everything aligned, certain penalties against traffic violations were set up by the Government in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act. However, lately, the Motor Vehicle Act has been amended and the penalties for traffic violations have been increased. The step has been implemented to reduce the number of accidents that take place because of the rash driving and violation of traffic rules on the roads by the citizens. 


The revised Motor vehicle Act has been implemented from 1st September 2019 in the country, however, Andhra Pradesh has very recently raised the traffic penalties in the state to improve the safety of people on roads. The Traffic Police in Andhra Pradesh has the right to issue a challan against a person found violating the traffic rules. The violations include driving without wearing a helmet or seatbelt, rash driving, using mobile phones, etc. Another key violation usually done by the public in this state is driving a vehicle without a driving licence in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and an RC of the vehicle. Here’s the revised list of traffic fines implemented in Andhra Pradesh from October 2020:


Violation Type Fine (Rs) 
Using mobile phones while driving 1500
Driving a vehicle without RC 2000
Driving without helmet 1000
Driving without seatbelt 1000
Honking in prohibited areas 1000
Overspeeding a vehicle 5000
Underage driving 1000
Driving a commercial vehicle without a permit 10,000
An unauthorized person driving a vehicle 5000


The traffic fines stated in the table are raised as compared to what it was earlier in Andhra Pradesh in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019. It is worth mentioning that if a person is found violating the same rule more than once, then the penalty is even more in such a case. For example, if you are found using mobile phones while driving twice, then on the second time, you are supposed to pay Rs 10,000 instead of Rs 1500. 


Though higher rates and penalties can be a big problem for a common man, the step has been taken to ensure people drive safely on public roads and do not put their own as well as other people’s lives at risk. Thus, citizens should be more careful while driving on roads or else they shall be asked to pay hefty penalties for breaking the traffic rules. 


In case a challan has been issued, you can pay the fine either online or offline as per your convenience. With the facility of online payment of fines, citizens need not stand in long queues anymore. The state transport website has an online portal using which traffic fines can be paid easily. Besides this, if you want to pay the fine offline, then you can visit the RTO Offices in Andhra Pradesh and pay your pending fine.


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