8 Ways a Packaging Agency Reduces Cost

8 Ways a Packaging Agency Reduces Cost


Did you know that there are around 165 billion packages shipped in the United States every single year? Many businesses are looking to reduce costs in order to make more profits and this is why looking into ways to cut costs when it comes to packaging is a big deal nowadays. You might want to look into hiring a packaging agency to take care of all of your packing needs because it might save you a ton of money in the long run.

Keep reading to learn how you can reduce your packaging costs by calling in the pros.

1. Research Options

It is always important to do your research because every company is different and one size box does not fit all. You want to see if a box is the best solution for your product or if there is a better packaging solution for what you sell. Research the latest packaging materials and designs to pick the most efficient one.

The right packaging agency will not only give you options but they will also help you choose something that is durable enough to make it from place to place without falling apart.

2. Do Not Go Overboard

Something else that will help you save costs is to not be overly cautious and go overboard with heavy-duty packaging material. Unless what you are shipping is really fragile there is no need to spend the extra money for better packaging and protection materials inside your box or packaging.

The main goal is to protect the product that is inside the package. If you focus on that then everything else will fall into place as far as the packaging and product staying in one piece during shipping.

Take the outer and inner carton dimensions into consideration when deciding which box or envelope to pick.

3. Necessary Costs

Make a list of the costs of the package that you are currently using and break down the costs into which ones are for aesthetics only and which ones are for performance. Go through each item and be honest if you really need it or not.

Any feature that you can eliminate because the cost is purely aesthetic, get rid of those because they will save you money. Later on, you can see if you want to add this extra expense when you are making more money.

You want to take things into consideration like whether or not your product needs an inner carton and also an outer carton or if the information that is printed on the box is necessary. If you are currently printing in color, see if you really need it or if you can get away with simply using black and white.

4. Shedding Some LBS or KGS

The best packaging materials you can choose are as lightweight as possible. They are not only easier for you to handle when packaging everything but they will also reduce your shipping costs because of the weight as long as the dimensional weight is also small.

Soemtimes if a package is lightweight but bulky this does not equate to a cheaper shipping price. The best way to picture everything is to imagine how much space the package you have will take up during shipping, whether it is in a car or a plane.

5. Testing

Sometimes spending a little bit of money to test your packaging is wise and it will be an investment in the long run. This is the best way to ensure that what you are shipping out is not arriving damaged when it reaches the client. Think about all of the miles that the product will be traveling between a truck, trains, aircraft, etc.

Also, think about the temperatures that the package will be exposed to, it might travel between freezing to hot temperatures in a matter of hours. The package has to be able to protect the contents from things like shock if it gets dropped or if it falls. It also has to protect it from compression if something heavy is put on top of the package.

Make sure that it is tested from vibration because of all the different movements it will go through during transport and also the changes in pressure and humidity as it travels around.

6. Volume Discounts

The packaging agency might be able to give you some discounts if you order your packages in bulk. Keep in mind that just because a company does not openly offer this discount on their site they might still give you a discount when you ask.

This is a great thing to do if your company is happy with the design and you do not plan on changing it in the near future. If you are considering rebranding or changing your artwork then you might want to reconsider ordering packaging in bulk because then you might get stuck with packaging that you won’t use and end up spending unnecessary money even if you saved some upfront.

Ready to Find a Packaging Agency?

We hope that now that you know how a packaging agency can help your business, you can make an informed decision whether or not to find the perfect agency for you. If you decide this is the right choice for your company, remember to “shop” around and compare what each company will offer before making a final decision.

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