A guide to all the kitchen worktop materials


Who says choosing a kitchen top is an easy task? You need to consider a lot of factors in mind including the style, functionality, price, and longevity. Most people have granite on the top of their list but you may only have a budget to buy laminate. As disappointing it may sound, it is the harsh reality. What matters at the end of the day is that you should choose Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire which have heat resistance, stain resistance and are low maintenance. So next time when you spill coffee on your countertop in the morning, you won’t have a heavy load of stress on your mind of getting a stain. Wipe it off with a wet cloth! With all these qualities, don’t forget about the look and style of the countertop, get one that increases the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. 


Get the solid granite!

If you don’t have any money constraints then granite is an obvious choice. It has one of the highest levels of heat resistance and is the strongest natural stone after diamonds. This one quality makes it durable which helps you attain the full value of your investment. This stone has stain resistance but to increase the life of the countertop it is recommended to get the stone sealed after every 6 months to save it from forming staying with coffee or juice spillage. You cannot get a specific cost of granite Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire as the prices vary according to color, location, finish, etc. 


Sparkle up with some stainless steel

If you are a clean freak, then maybe this material is not for you. It is very hard to maintain a spotless look of stainless steel countertops although it doesn’t stain or difficult to clean. this material is mostly used as an industrial loft look and blends well with contemporary themes. But do you know what the best part about it is? It is antibacterial and therefore a great choice for prepping the meal. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about getting scratches on this material or heat or water stains. 


Rustic look with the wood 

Do you want to give a warm and cozy look to your traditional or contemporary kitchen? If yes then wood is your go-to choice! However some people see wooden Kitchen worktops Hertfordshire as a big cutting board, but it is more durable if you don’t chop food on it directly. You will have to look after the wooden countertops as it needs to be oiled regularly. If you find scratches on the wood or maybe some cracks, you can always sand and refinish the wooden countertop.


Save money and just laminate

This certainly is not a top choice for everyone due to its bad repute but the markets are producing a better version of the laminates with improved scratch and heat resistance. Laminations is a cheaper option of getting granite worktops Hertfordshire that come in different colors, patterns that can be easily installed, cut, and shaped according to your need. 

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