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Parquet Floor Sanding Process and Maintenance


Nowadays, peoples opt for wooden hardwood floors or natural stones for flooring. The parquet has been an outdated option and not many people have such floors. Usually, old buildings have such floorboards, which makes it tough to be sanded. There are not many companies that offer parquet floor sanding facility due to being old fashioned and unpopular. However, those who provide this service charge a large sum of money, making it an expensive process.

If you have this type of floor and planning to sell your house, there are chances that the value of your house would decrease due to this factor. People know there are fewer services for parquet flooring and they look old fashioned, whereas they are more into modern and appealing floor type. Therefore, if you really want to sell your residence, it is important to replace the floor covering before putting it up for sale. This would noticeably increase the value of the house.

There is no doubt that parquet floorboards are absolutely striking and appealing. However, with the passage of time, hardwood and stones have taken their place and are widely being used in residential and commercial buildings. If you have such type of flooring in your house and it has become dull or shows visible scratches, stains, and discoloration, it does not necessarily mean to substitute the whole floor covering. You can go for the parquet floor sanding process, which is easy and does not entail to replace the current floor.

Now there is a limited capacity of floors to be sanded. After that, they cannot hold another session. When this happens, you should substitute it with a new floor. The good news is that these floor coverings do not require this session every year. It can be done when the surface starts to show noticeable stains, scrapes, cracks, or gaps. Do not wait until it goes bad because that would cost you more money. However, if you are planning to change the current floor, you can wait until it is worn out.



After the parquet floor sanding session or in a routine, a few things can extend the life of the floorboard and reduce the chances of cracks or gaps and scrapes. It is imperative to use a vacuum and sweep the floor daily. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the surface. Only use cleaning agents specially made for parquet. However, this process should not be carried out every other day as it can damage the surface. Cleaning agents should be used when necessary. Keep parquet floors dry and moisture-free because dampness is a foe to the surface and leads to the damaging of the pieces.

 If there is a water or any other liquid spill, wipe it off immediately otherwise, it would not only leave stains on the surface but also absorb the liquid and damage the topmost layer. Excessive sunlight can fade away the color; hence, use curtains during the daytime to avoid discoloration of the flooring.

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