Understanding Woke Bingo


Bingo going woke is not something that some players welcome but in an effort to draw in younger players there have been several changes to the game at  Mr Luck! 

What is it Exactly? 

Going woke is a term that we have all encountered at one point or another over the past few years, in general this term is about becoming more aware of social and racial issues. For example many modern Hollywood films can be described as going woke because they now explore many modern gender and racial issues. In terms of woke bingo, this is a new type of bingo that has been brought about by the influx of new and younger players. As these players are from a generation which are much more sensitive and aware of these social and racial issues, bingo has had to become woke bingo in order to keep them playing the game.  

Why Should Bingo Change? 

Some people may find it strange that bingo is even considering going woke, as it is a simple game which is harmless to people but going woke doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Bingo is a game that has been around for generations, it has adapted to the times throughout its entire existence. More people than ever before are fighting social and racial prejudices so bingo adapting to this changing environment is inevitable. Bingo has changed some of their traditional calls and replaced them with modern equivalents. Eighty eight has been known as two fat ladies for many years but now with body acceptance and positivity being promoted by younger people, woke bingo has changed that call to Wills and Kate. There are many other examples of these call changes but they have generally updated the calls to reflect a more modern way of thinking. 

Good or Bad Things? 

The answer to whether these changes are good or bad will really depend on what age the player is. Older players will probably view woke bingo as a joke, it will take them a little longer to learn and remember these new phrases and they will most likely keep on using the classic versions of them anyway. On the other hand, younger players will be much bigger fans of woke bingo. Especially those who aren’t familiar with the classic bingo calls, some of the new ones will be much easier to learn. The main reason they will be easier to learn is because they are more relevant to modern players, for instance number 68 has now become tinder date while 49 is now amazon prime. These are all things that younger players are going to be much more familiar with than older players. 

Final Thoughts 

For some, woke bingo may be a controversial update on the traditional bingo game. Providing unnecessary changes to bingo calls which weren’t really offensive to anybody. To other players, bingo going woke is a sign that they are now welcome to enjoy the game, the new calls are much more relevant to their life than the classic ones. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, the one thing for certain is that woke bingo is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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