The Boom in Mobile Gaming During the 2020 Pandemic


 The 2020 lockdown left millions of people confined within their houses without any idea how long the situation would prevail. Amid the uncertainty, people had to look for alternative means to earn a living. 

One of the alternatives was online casinos, where people began betting on slots. Most US citizens own a mobile phone and the gadgets were the easiest and most accessible tool to use in gambling in 2020. 

Increase in mobile phone friendly casino software

Software developers were keen on the market and they developed casino software that could run on mobile phones. As a result, many people, especially the younger generation, were able to access the slot machines on their phones. 

Mobile phone users no longer needed to visit the casinos in town because of the lockdown. Instead, they chose to play at online casinos right in their bedrooms and make great wins. The phone became the best tool for online slots.

Increased opportunities

Competition is always healthy and many more developers quickly joined the market and within a few months, there were hundreds of companies offering the population chances to play poker and other forms of gambling. 

It was possible even today to gamble with as little as $0.1. The incredibly low deposit amounts created golden opportunities for people that were locked in their houses with no or limited income. 

The boom continued to rise throughout 2020 and the year recorded about $59 Billion, which was the highest figure recorded in many years. 

You don’t need to throw away your old smartphone because there are many ways you can use it, like turn it into a baby monitor, a universal remote control, a GPS podcast or a digital photo frame.

More players used mobile phones 

The ideas to make money online in 2020 were common across every demographic as people looked for every availed opportunity to make money online. The best sports betting sites and casinos were fully engaged with every gambler hopeful of reaping the best fortune. Some people made enough money from gambling that could support them throughout the lockdown period and beyond.

Sports betting 

Sports betting is almost exclusively a mobile phone activity and the lockdown accelerated the rate of sports betting. A 2020 Statista survey showed that close to 50% of Americans from 18 years and above have tried sports betting at least once. 

Sports betting on mobile phone controls about $155 billion annually and 2020 received the greatest boom. 


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