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Jungle Theme Cakes for 1st Birthday Party


When everything is new to us in this world, one thing that fascinates us the most is the jungle and its wide array of beautiful wild creatures. How each of these creatures is different from each other and still how peaceful they cohabit together. There are wild boars, lions, tigers, cheetah, leopards, monkeys, elephants, giraffes and other such beautiful animals which we spot while browsing the National Geographic channel or on a jungle safari. As we get acquainted with these creatures at a very young age, we start fantasizing them as our bunch of jungle friends. That is the reason why jungle theme cakes are much loved by us, especially for our 1st birthday celebrations. By choosing to celebrate his/her birthday over a scrumptiously baked jungle theme cake, you can make the learning process kick start a bit early and in a fun manner. Here is a list of some adorable jungle theme cake ideas to commemorate your little bundle of joy’s 1st birthday celebrations.

  1. Fondant Jungle Cake – Make all his/her jungle friends come alive and topped on 1st birthday cake as you get a fondant jungle cake for the celebrations. The infant can catch a glimpse of those animals and at the same time can relish them (not literally, but obviously their fondant versions). Ask your baker to choose different bright colours of the creature and its bodily parts detailing.
  2. Photo Jungle Cake – Get a cutesy picture of all the jungle creatures together printed on top of your Lil one’s first birthday cake. Bakers use edible ink to print some pictures on top of the cake so that it looks appealing and can even be tasted a bite of.
  3. Jungle Theme Fondant Cupcakes – You can chuck out a pound of birthday cake to celebrate 1st birthday of our toddler and can opt for a set of jungle theme cupcakes. You can get these cupcakes made as per your requirement; either made in fondant or buttercream. You can choose the flavour of these cupcakes, as per your Lil one’s wish too.
  4. Buttercream Jungle Cake With Cake Toppers – Easy to bake and to find at some nearby bakery would be buttercream jungle cake with jungle creature cake toppers placed on it. Not necessarily these cake toppers are edible. These creature cake toppers can be made of paper-like stripes or designed in or as candles. But all in all, it will turn your simple buttercream cake into a tempting jungle cake for your child’s first birthday.
  5. Jungle Tier Cake – Get all his/her jungle friends laid on top of each cake tier to make his/her memory to the core. You can place fondant or toy wild jungle creatures evenly spread on each of the birthday cake’s tier to widen up his/her smile to the core.
  6. Number Jungle Cake – Wouldn’t it make a great birthday cake to grace the special occasions for your child’s first-ever birthday which would include the digit one and some wild animals made with fondant to top it off? It surely would! You can pass this fantastic jungle theme cake idea to your baker and ask him/her to bake a perfect pound of happiness to surprise your Lil one to teh core.

So, these were different kinds of jungle theme cakes made available by different bakeries to celebrate your little niece/nephew’s or your own child’s first-ever birthday. Pick any of these jungle theme cake ideas and get your personal baker prepped up with all the birthday jungle-themed cake preparations for your Lil one. Let him/her explore the world of wild creatures as get celebrates his/her birthday along with them. Make him/her get to learn something new as he/she turns a year older.

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