Top Questions to Ask A Builder to Find A Right Home


Finding a home for yourself doesn’t only need financial investment; it also requires your valuable time. When buying, you need to evaluate the property and inquire to the builder to avoid last-minute stress and disappointments. Are you wondering about the questions? Here are the top questions to ask a builder to find the right home for yourself.

What is the status of the title?

Generally, builders purchase land from landowners and then begin the construction. But some small construction companies can enter into a joint agreement with them, which can include a lot of nuisance afterward. So, inquire them about the commencement certificate and intimation of disapproval.

Are you a licensed builder?

Typically, reputed and experienced builders register their company under the RERA act; therefore, they have a license. Still, you’ll always want to be sure about it to avoid unfortunate results after the purchase. A quick Google search will also render the information on the builder’s license credentials.

Can you provide the details of your completed projects?

Checking the record of the builder’s completed projects gives you a fair idea of their work. Ask them by how many months they’ve finished the construction. Most of the big and reputed builders include their customers’ reviews on their website, which makes your task easy.

What is the overall price of the property?

The overall price of the property includes registration fees, cost of water supply, parking space, electricity, and various other taxes. Sometimes, the builder charges an additional cost for legal fees and utilities at the time of possession. So, inquire about this beforehand.

What are the inclusions?

Though builders allow you to see the display homes, which gives a clear picture, ask them about the inclusions. Most of the display homes may have high-end fixtures and fittings to attract customers, but in reality, they do not include them in a standard package. Additionally, confirm whether or not you can make any changes to the layout.

What is the procedure of purchase?

Being aware of the overall procedure well in advance helps you to plan the purchase wisely. Most of the buyers may be unprepared due to a lack of knowledge, which might lead to delays in bank loan approval and possession. Additionally, knowing the process will also allow you to make decisions in regards to upgrades beforehand.

What is the completion date of the project?

As a buyer, you should keep yourself informed of the completion date of the project. For that, you must have a clear-cut conversation with the builder to avoid inevitable cross-over timing issues. Many builders take at least 12 months from the commencement date to complete the project; still, it may vary based on its size. Knowing the time-frames of the project will enable you to plan finance repayments, accommodation organisation, moving the appliances and furniture, etc.

Do you provide assurances?

Not all the time, buyers are satisfied with their purchased home. Therefore, most of the builders give them time to settle in the purchased home and sort out the issues, if any. So, ask them this question to gain peace of mind. Plus, ask the builder whether or not they provide a Certificate of Currency of Home Indemnity before you pay them. It will cover you with losses in case the builder passes away or becomes solvent.

Is the property energy-efficient?

The demand for energy-efficient property is skyrocketing. Even the government in various countries like Australia have set out a requirement for building sustainable homes. Builders need to showcase the Section J report highlighting how the materials and designs of the property are in regards to energy efficiency standards. So, make sure you check this report for your satisfaction level.


So, are you ready to purchase a brand-new home and source a builder who can add life to your dreams? With these questions in mind, we are sure you’ll be able to simplify the process and lock a high standard home for yourself. And go further with some simple ways to secure your new home, too.


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