Why Schools Opened & Are Shutting Again In USA Due To Covid-19: A Short Study


The Covid-19 pandemic exacted a hefty toll on human society. Death and disruption affected every sector and almost every country. Millions have been affected, and hundreds of thousands have perished due to complications.

The United States of America has been hit especially hard. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • More than 24 million confirmed cases to date.
  • Upwards of five hundred thousand deaths reported
  • Many states are experiencing a resurgence, with huge spikes reported in the last few months of 2020
  • 1425 deaths and 56672 cases have been reported on March 1, 2021, itself.

The United States has been brought to its knees by the disease. Mismanagement, ineptitude, poor governance, and lack of proper awareness were some of the biggest reasons behind the especially devastating impact of Covid-19 on the world’s most powerful country.

The damage to the US economy was akin to the devastation wrought amongst the population. The US education system was brought to a complete standstill. Educational institutions shut down all across the 50 states, scheduled examinations were postponed indefinitely, and widespread disruptions played havoc with the plans & careers of millions of students. Online learning and assignment writing service became the primary knowledge dispensers as the Coronavirus wreaked havoc across the world’s leading superpower.

Let us take a closer look at the chaos unleashed.


Covid-19 AndIts Impact On Education in The US

School started shutting down in the USA for Spring 2020. The direct impact of such an action was the total disruption of the existing learning process, resulting in a serious impediment to student performance and disparate impacts on students from different backgrounds.

  • Researches show that the academic year 2019-2020was rendered ineffective due to the widespread disruptions. Online education mitigated the damage somewhat. But many pupils struggled to learn effectively & were not able to adapt to the new ways quickly.
  • Reduced learning times have impeded student learning and affected the new generation’s developmental process introduced to the education system.
  • Educational systems across the states implemented home and online schooling throughout. But their effectiveness was severely restricted by family circumstances & availability of resources.
  • The socioeconomic and digital divide is a serious challenge and has put low-income students at a significant disadvantage than their better-off peers.

Despite the proliferation and benefits of digital learning procedures, research shows that the method’s effectiveness depends primarily on students’ proficiency with devices and appropriate guidance.

As expected, students tend to spend less time doing educational activities and more on other non-productive activities when using these devices without proper monitoring. A wide array of distractions act as a severe impediment to their learning process.



Here’s some research data from the US-based NPO Economic Policy Institute.


EPI analyzed research data from different sources and concurred that homeschooling/online learning’s effectiveness tends to succeed only under a narrow set of circumstances. A lack of necessary peer-pressure and proper assessment can prove to be extremely disadvantageous.

Furthermore, lack of proper experience and training prevents teachers, tutors, and instructors from dispensing knowledge the right way. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic was sudden, and there was little time to design & develop proper instructional tools to navigate quarantine measures. Lack of proper framework, weak support system, lethargic government response, and inadequate training reduced online & remote learning’s overall effectiveness.


Reopening of Schools and Current Circumstances

The US Ministry of Education discussed & urged state authorities to start reopening schools from August 2020. States had the final say in the matter; thus, while many public & private schools continued dispensing education online, quite a few institutions opened up.

A leading news periodical, TODAY news reports that school authorities were to take the final decision, who in turn let parents decide the best way for their wards to continue their education. Schools gradually began reopening in the later months of 2020. Restrictions were eased gradually, and kids began to attend in-person classes, albeit in very few numbers.

Then, disaster struck.





Carelessness, poor awareness, and easing up of restrictions resulted in massive spikes in the number of cases and deaths in December 2020.


US Schools On the Verge Of Shutting Down Again

After weeks and months of in-person operation, schools are now again opting for remote learning as Covid-19 cases surged in late 2020. Federal & State governments and school authorities respond to higher transmission cases by stopping traditional learning once more, though in-person learning continues in several states.

Several incidences necessitated a second closure.

  • Many teachers and staff across different institutions are infected and under quarantine.
  • Spikes, in cases, forced the states of Kentucky, Michigan, and New York to shut schools and go back to online learning once again.
  • Schools in New York City shifted to all-remote learning again in November 2020 as the rate of positive tests reached a max of 3%.
  • Many educational institutions that reopened in the second half of 2020 are dealing with Covid 19 cases.

Here are some incidences that highlight the perilous nature of the current situation.

  1. Dartmouth Institute reported 119 cases as of March 2, 2021.
  2. The President of the St. Bonaventure University, Dennis R. DePerro, passed away due to Covid 19 complications.
  3. The University of Delaware is looking to change its policies and reverting to remote learning after 14t5 students & two staffs tested positive for the virus.
  4. Many public and private schools in Michigan witnessed a surge in cases as of February 2021.

To learn more about the above and similar situations, here’s the complete list of live reports.


The ongoing situation is evolving rapidly and is at a critical stage right now. As per the latest update, around 57000 new cases were reported on 2nd March 2021, with 1306 deaths.


Yet hope remains as the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, released a set of guidelines for reopening school safely amidst the ongoing pandemic. The rules and guidelines laid down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention make maintenance of social distancing, wearing of masks, and proper sanitization measures essentiality.  To meet the necessary guidelines, schools need more teaching, support personneland enforce strict restrictions on human interactions.


The President reassures the common public and urges them to remain cautious, disciplined &continue to believe in science. He further states that the Federal government & the Department of Education is working closely with the states & incumbent authorities to bring back children to their classrooms in the safest manner possible.


And, that rounds up this article! Hope it was informative enough for you. Take proper precautions, wear your masks, keep a safe distance and wash your hands often. Study hard to make up for any lost time and avail quality writing assistance from authentic assignment help in case of any urgency.

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