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Communication gadgets are helping businesses to bridge gaps between people as the world becomes increasingly connected. To boost collaboration having the right tools for the conference room is essential. Audio conferencing is a way by which three or more participants can effectively communicate with the transmission of audio signals. The audio conferencing system price in Pakistan is now everywhere in schools, offices, and colleges. Here we will give you a guide on the best price range of audio conference systems in Pakistan.

Audio conferencing

Audio conferencing is done when we held a meeting or a conference by using technology like an audio conference system where two or more people at a different location or maybe in the same room communicate. When it comes to business meetings, calls, webchats there is a lack of good quality communication as there can be background noise hindrance, all these situations can be avoided when you have an audio conference system that gives voice accuracy, sound precision, and adjustability. An audio conference is quite different from video conferencing where communication occurs simultaneously in audio and video transmission over telephone lines and network connection.

Types of audio conferencing

The point-to-point audio conference connects people present in the same room like boardroom meetings, city council meetings, or training room.

A remote audio conference where you can communicate with people that are at a different location.

An integrated audio conference where you combine both remote and nearby participants. In all of these types, the main aim is to achieve quality collaboration and communication.

Gadgets used in audio conference system

If a person wants to equip a room with an audio conference system it is essential to pay attention to audio conference equipment that is specifically designed for discussion in meeting rooms. There are three types of gadgets used in audio conference system

Microphone: For delivering audio into a sound system Microphone is needed to convert the acoustic energy into electrical energy which is delivered to a processing and amplifying device.

In a conference room or a board room, we often employ a fixed microphone that prevents it from being placed incorrectly. There are two of them one is boundary type that sits on a table surface and the other is a gooseneck microphone like Toa Goose Neck Microphone that has a flexible extended tube which you can adjust accordingly. It is recommended that place a gooseneck microphone 8 to 16 inches away from your mouth and do not touch them once placed.

Amplifying and processing device: A processing device helps adjust the sound quality and an amplifier increases the overall volume of sound. Like TOA Public Addressable System that has good quality mixer power amplifier with thermal protection circuit to prevent it from overheating. This discussion system also has a built-in mic and speaker.

Output device: for delivering audio to our ear we need an output device like headphones or speakers that converts electrical signals from the amplifier back into acoustic signals. Speakers like TOA Wall Mounted Speaker feature a wide frequency range suitable for large conferences. Usually, these output devices are not required in small meetings or huddle rooms where the built-in speaker in the processing device can serve the purpose. These speakers are only suggested when you are in large board rooms.

Places where you use audio conference systems

Huddle rooms that take in 6 to 8 people usually around a single table.

Training room or a classroom, a classic one-to-many communication setup with up to 30 viewers facing a lecturer.

A lecture hall that is a larger version of the classroom having up to 50 or more audiences.

Bigger meeting facilities, boardrooms, courtroom, or city council.

Audio conference system in Pakistan provides

Good audio quality: one of the most important factors in delivering clear sound without background noise. Audio conference system provides microphones like TOA gooseneck microphone that delivers high-quality sound without any background hindrance.

Cost-effective: audio conference systems are cost-effective as compared to video-conference systems as video-conference systems require additional equipment. But in an audio conference system, you require a microphone, an amplifier system like TOA Public Addressable System, and an output speaker through which the user can effectively communicate.

Flexibility and control: In an audio conference system a host can completely control the meeting as many microphones can be activated by the host when a speaker wants to speak by pushing on the button.

Adjustability: these audio conference systems are designed to handle anywhere making them suitable and adjustable even in large halls. System is a complete discussion conference system that has a built-in loudspeaker and can support 200 units of a microphone.

To conclude

In every meeting, board room conference, and governmental discussion there is a need for good quality audio conference system. Pak communication provides the best and affordable audio conference prices in Pakistan. We are dedicated to providing you the best possible prices for our products and bring your communication at better quality, mobility, and reliability. We help you to create a perfect conference room by providing reliable and flexible designs that assemble and integrate into a perfect audio conference system.

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