PTZ camera price in Pakistan


To prevent suspicious and criminal activities and to monitor public movement surveillance cameras are the best options. Surveillance PTZ cameras reduce vandalism and theft and enable remote monitoring. PTZ camera price in Pakistan varies depending on the pan, tilt, and zoom ability. Here in this article, we will guide you which PTZ camera you can install at your place to keep an eye on your workplace and residential area.

PTZ cameras

PTZ IP cameras are commonly referred to as Pan tilt and zoom cameras. They are the type of IP digital cameras.  These cameras are quite different from normal CCTV static cameras as here is an option for the user to control it, by moving it horizontally, tilting vertically, and zoom in for clear details with the help of optical lenses. For keeping a better check at a place where surveillance is integral, PTZ cameras are making their mark.     

How do PTZ cameras work?

As it is mentioned earlier that these cameras are controlled by some external power it could be manual or automatic depending on which one you prefer. PTZ cameras that are controlled manually by some controller and operator are usually very close to the vicinity, in case of automatic control there is an alarm detection that suspects the unusual activity, and cameras move towards that direction, these cameras have software installed in them to do so.  Usually, PTZ camera price in Pakistan that have the ability to move 360 degrees horizontally and tilt 180 degrees vertically have a higher price range in Karachi. But for the places where security is the priority these surveillance video cameras are necessary and buying one PTZ dome camera price in Pakistan can be cost-effective as it can cover more areas which 4 to 5 normal cameras do.

Speed Dome Camera price in Pakistan provides auto-tracking that allows the user to easily monitor and specify the number of positions. You can also set alarm triggering that allows the camera to detect motion and move towards it automatically that are possible due to guard patrolling and auto panning feature.

Important factors to consider

PTZ dome camera price in Pakistan when compared with other CCTV cameras which are usually fixed are more thrifty because one speed dome camera can cover many blind spots in an area which a normal static camera cannot. Other important factors to consider when buying these cameras are:   

Where to mount the camera? If you want the camera to view a smaller place then mount it on a wall otherwise for larger areas like shopping malls it is best to mount them on the ceiling.   

Pan and tilt capacity: depending on whether you have mounted it in a corner where you do not need a complete 360 pan camera or a place where you want to cover every blind spot 360 pan and 180 tilt is the best option.

Digital or optical zoom: There are two types of zooming in PTZ cameras one is digital and the other is optical zoom. Digital zoom cameras can zoom on a recorded video only while the optical zooming lenses can zoom in during live video footage which preserves the image quality. So the areas where facial recognition is important, choose optical zooming cameras.

Places where you can use PTZ cameras

Can be used in conjunction with static cameras at the surveillance system where the fixed cameras can take detailed shots while the PTZ IP camera price in Pakistan can monitor activities.

Large areas like shopping malls, auditoriums, roads, airports, stadiums, events and function areas, and hotel lobbies.

Places that require complete watch over such as guarding stations, police stations, and asylums. 

Which brand to consider?

Hikvision PTZ camera price in Pakistan varies depending on features like resolution power in pixels, zooming capability (digital or optical), and to what extent these cameras can move and tilt. Here we have mentioned three Hikvision products.

2MP Hikvision PTZ camera
4MP Hikvision PTZ camera

8MP Hikvision PTZ camera   

To conclude

Pak communication provides the best range of PTZ camera prices in Karachi, Pakistan. These PTZ cameras have specialized settings with a positioning system that the controller can set to auto and manual when required. Their built-in artificial intelligence detects every moving activity and helps in facial recognition. These cameras are weather-resistant and provide clear facial recognition from their optical lenses.  Our range of high 4mp PTZ cameras, 8MP PTZ cameras provides good quality distance coverage.

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